China News Service, July 15th, according to the Ministry of Finance website, recently, the central government issued 18.84 billion yuan in transfer payment funds, an increase of 1.99 billion yuan or 11.8% over the previous year, and continued to support the implementation of the third pre-school education action plan . When distributing funds, continue to increase support for "three regions and three states" and other deeply impoverished areas. At the same time, the provincial finance and education departments are required to give full play to the provincial overall planning role, scientifically plan the layout of kindergartens, deepen the reform of the system and mechanism, adhere to the simultaneous development of public and private institutions, and expand the inclusive preschool education resources in various forms. Deeply poverty-stricken areas, especially those in poverty-stricken areas, should be tilted towards areas that actively promote the development of inclusive private parks.

  Since 2011, the Ministry of Finance, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education and other relevant departments, have supported the implementation of three phases of preschool education action plans, with a focus on supporting local expansion of inclusive preschool education resources. According to statistics, from 2011 to 2020, the central government accumulatively allocated 152 billion yuan to support pre-school education development funds. The gross enrollment rate in the first three years of our country has increased from 56.6% in 2010 to 83.4% in 2019.

Screenshot of the Ministry of Finance website