Emmanuel Macron is interviewed on July 14 by Léa Salamé and Gilles Bouleau. - Stefano RELLANDINI / AFP

Find the money to revive an economy at half mast. During his televised address on Monday, Emmanuel Macron announced a "massive" recovery plan of 100 billion euros. It will be financed by European aid and by debt. But without tax increase, assured the head of state who ruled out an "absurd" reinstatement of the ISF which "would not settle anything". He nevertheless plans to "shift a little, for the wealthy" the abolition of the housing tax, "which may be something legitimate in times of crisis".

The government had decided to abolish this tax in several stages: 80% of the households concerned will be completely exempt this year and the abolition should in principle be spread out until 2023 for the wealthiest 20%. "The spirit of justice, without sending a disastrous signal, could be to say: those who pay the housing tax for which it had not yet dropped, we could take a few years", declared the president of the Republic , touting a logic of "common sense".


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