Marcel Boekhoorn, until recently owner of HEMA, has also ceased to be a member of the department store chain since the beginning of this month. This breaks all ties between the businessman and the company.

"This decision is linked to changes in HEMA's ownership structure initiated by the recently announced recapitalization process," said HEMA's website on Wednesday.

In mid-June, a group of creditors became owners of HEMA after the Boekhoorn failed to reach an agreement with them on a deal that would considerably reduce the debts. Boekhoorn decided to throw in the towel and stop putting money into HEMA.

HEMA management agreed with creditors that the company's debt was significantly reduced from EUR 750 million to EUR 300 million. In return, the creditors became the full owners. Several parties would like to take over HEMA from the creditors.

For example, CEO Michiel Witteveen of Blokker's parent company expressed serious interest.