China News Service, July 15th. According to the Civil Aviation Administration website, on July 14, the Civil Aviation Administration issued a notice on the implementation of the fuse measures for two Thai airlines and decided to suspend Thai Lion Air Monterey from July 20. SL117 Bangkok-Guangzhou route flight, Thai AirAsia (long-distance) company XJ808 Bangkok-Tianjin route flight runs for 1 week.

  A total of 6 passengers found positive for the New Coronavirus nucleic acid test on the SL117 Bangkok-Guangzhou flight that entered Thailand on July 7 and a total of 5 passengers detected the New Coronavirus nucleic acid on the XJ808 Bangkok-Tianjin flight that entered Thailand on July 10. The test was positive. According to the relevant provisions of the "Notice of the Civil Aviation Administration on the Adjustment of International Passenger Flights", the Thai Lion Air SL117 flight and the AirAsia XJ808 flight have triggered flight fuse conditions. The Civil Aviation Administration has suspended the above two airlines since July 20 Airline flights operate for 1 week and require that the fused flight volume cannot be used for other routes.