The Dutch electronics chain Coolblue will expand to Germany in the coming months, founder Pieter Zwart says in interviews with NRC and FD on Tuesday . The Rotterdam store will start delivering and installing products such as televisions and washing machines in the Düsseldorf region. Coolblue hopes to open a physical store there at the end of the year

Zwart, who in addition to founder is also director of Coolblue, says that Germany has been dreaming of the retail chain for some time. "It is potentially a very large market and easily accessible as a neighbor of the Netherlands," says Zwart. According to the founder, the fact that the expansion has been delayed has everything to do with the improvement of its own brand in the Netherlands and Belgium. "We are now ready for Germany," Zwart told FD .

Coolblue chooses the Düsseldorf region because of its relative proximity to the distribution center in Tilburg. "It's nice and close: from Tilburg to Düsseldorf is less far than from Tilburg to Groningen," said the Coolblue founder in NRC . Several tens of German employees are currently working in Tilburg, which number must have doubled before the end of the year. Düsseldorf must also become the place where the first German Coolblue store will be located.

Black tells NRC that Coolblue will look further into the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the coming years, before it looks further into other parts of Germany. "As many people live in North Rhine-Westphalia alone as in all of the Netherlands," said the CEO.