At caterer Sodexo, 800 out of 3,000 jobs disappear in the Netherlands. That confirms a spokesman for the company after reports by NOS.

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the massive working from home at many companies and institutions, the need for catering services has fallen sharply. Obviously, this had a major impact on sales at Sodexo.

As a result, management has decided to cut more than a quarter of the jobs in the Netherlands. It is not yet clear whether this is accompanied by redundancies. It is also unknown when the jobs will disappear.

Most of the workplaces disappear in the catering branch. But other smaller parts of the company, such as site maintenance and reception work, are also affected by the cutbacks.

It was recently announced that the originally French company had to record a turnover loss of 30 percent in the past quarter.

Another caterer, Maison van den Boer, also recently announced the dismissal of 140 employees.