This is reported by Süddeutsche Zeitung, referring to the message.

It is noted that the letter calls on the American side to abandon restrictive measures.

“Europe expects you to respect the decisions that have been taken within the EU in a democratic way,” the TASS message quoted.

Ernst noted that, in his opinion, statements that Nord Stream 2 strengthens Germany’s dependence on Russia are unfounded.

“The extraterritorial application of US sanctions undermines the transatlantic partnership and damages the US reputation and the US economy in the EU,” the head of the Bundestag committee warned.

Earlier, the German Foreign Ministry said that possible US sanctions are obviously aimed at stopping Nord Stream-2, and that they are unacceptable.

As the German Chancellor Angela Merkel emphasized, possible restrictive measures on the part of the United States with respect to the project contradict the notions of law.