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minimum hourly wage for next year was determined to be 1.5% higher than this year and 130 won to 8,720 won. The 1.5% increase was the lowest rate ever raised, and was decided with both the KCTU and members of the KCTU members absent.

Reporter Hwagang Yoon reports.

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Minimum Wage Committee resolved the minimum wage per hour for next year to 8,720 won, up 130 won from 8,590 won this year.

In terms of salary, it is 182,480 won.

This is 1.5% higher than this year, and it is the lowest increase rate since the introduction of the minimum wage system in 1988, as well as after the current government was launched.

Yesterday (the 13th) the meeting of the Minimum Wage Commission began without the participation of four members of the Democratic Labor Recommendation.

It was against the user's decision to abide by the cut, and he declared that he would not attend the meeting.

When the public interest committee proposed a 1.5% increase today at about 1 o'clock in the morning, 5 members of the KCTU and two members of the employer's side opposed to this, leaving the conference hall.

[Kim Hyun-joong / Vice Chairman of the Korea Trade Union: During the IMF, there was no increase in the minimum wage in the 1% range during the global economic crisis. So, I could not accept about 1.5%... .]

Eventually, the minimum wage was decided next year without all the workers' committee members attending.

The public interest committee explained that the rate of increase was determined by adding the forecast of the inflation rate of 0.4% and the economic growth rate of 0.1% to the 1% improvement in the cost of living.

[Gwonsunwon / Minimum Wage Commission public committee: I have a negative impact on the labor market, job reductions, livelihood it on to the workers, which can be withdrawn much greater determination when the minimum wage is raised to higher than expected -

one next year, the minimum voting today The wage plan is effective from January 1 of next year when the Minister of Employment and Labor announces it on the 5th of the following month after going through the appeal process.