Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, July 7, 2020. - AFP

The coronavirus crisis will not bury pension reform. The Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire estimated on Monday that the pension reform was "absolutely essential", while the social partners refuse to put it back on the table immediately.

"Pension reform is absolutely essential," said Bruno Le Maire on RTL. “I think it is necessary to go through with this pension reform. We can see first of all that there is a deficit, we can see that we are all living longer, we can see that collectively we have to work more and that this is a condition for the recovery of France ”, he added.

A heavy deficit expected this year

Prime Minister Jean Castex has shown his determination to deal in particular with the subject of the deficit in the current system, while the reform of the system, and therefore of the special regimes, will take place in a second phase.

According to a provisional estimate by the Pensions Guidance Council (COR), the deficit should approach this year the record level of 30 billion euros, very far from the 4 billion expected before the crisis. “The Prime Minister's method is a method of dialogue, of listening. We said it would not be the same reform that would be put back on the table, "said the Minister of Economy. "It is a question of listening to each other and finding solutions to finance our pension system," he insisted.


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