Labor and management have entered the final talks on the decision of the minimum wage for next year, which has already passed the legal deadline. The minimum wage for this year is 8,590 won, which the labor industry initially raised by 16.4% to 10,000 won, while the management industry proposed 8,410 won by 2.1%. Subsequently, the gap in the amendment was narrowed slightly, and the labor system submitted 9,430 won and the management industry submitted 8,500 won, but it still differed by more than 900 won. The Minimum Wage Committee concluded today (13th) night or at dawn tomorrow I am trying.

Reporter Hwagang Yoon reports.


Four members of the KCTU's recommended worker committee did not attend the minimum wage committee meeting.

This is because management insisted on cutting down the initial demand and the first amendment.

Members of the Korean Trade Unions Association attended the meeting, but expressed strong regret for the cut.

[Lee Dong-ho/Korea Federation of Trade Unions: I hope that you properly establish the original purpose and purpose of the minimum wage.] The

business community emphasizes the economic crisis caused by the corona crisis and does not retreat from the cuts.

Accordingly, the public interest committee members proposed between 8,620 and 9,110 won as a deliberation promotion section, and within this range, requested revisions to both sides of the labor and management. The increase rate is 0.3 to 6.1%.

The next year's minimum wage is expected to be decided with the members of the Democratic Trade Unions missing, as the Democratic Trade Unions, who had been meeting to demand the withdrawal of the cut-off plan outside the conference hall, declared that they would not attend the final meeting.

[Yoon Taek-geun/Deputy Director of the Democratic Trade Union: If they insist on cutting or freezing again, we have no reason to go in… .] In order to

meet the statutory deadline on August 5th, the Minimum Wage Committee must determine the minimum wage level for the next year tonight and at least tomorrow morning.

(Video coverage: Mincheol Kim, Video editing: Jinhwa Choi)