China News Service, Beijing, July 13 (Reporter Wang Qingkai): The Chinese Customs has detected a positive nucleic acid for the new coronavirus from samples of the inner wall and outer packaging of frozen South American white shrimp (hereinafter referred to as frozen shrimp) imported from Ecuador. Recently, China's market supervision authorities in many places have begun to urgently investigate and dispose of imported frozen shrimp from Ecuador.

Data map: frozen shrimp. China News Service issued Liu Xiaoshe

  Frozen shrimp is a common shrimp product. According to the report of the General Administration of Customs of China, the Customs recently detected 6 new coronavirus nucleic acid positive samples from the 3 batches of frozen shrimp container inner wall and outer packaging samples imported from Ecuador, and the shrimp body and inner packaging samples were negative. After nucleic acid sequence analysis and expert judgement, the test results indicated that the container environment and outer packaging of the products of the three Ecuadorian companies had the risk of contamination by the new coronavirus.

  At present, the General Administration of Customs of China has suspended the registration of the above three companies in Ecuador from July 10, and suspended the import of products from the above three companies.

  At the same time, local market supervision departments acted immediately to supervise distributors to immediately stop selling and seal frozen shrimps produced by the above three companies after March 12, and urged distributors to cooperate with importers to do product recalls. Dispose according to law and regulations.

  The Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau recently issued a notice requesting the market supervision bureaus of all districts to strengthen the inspection of relevant imported food enterprises, and at the same time strengthen the inspection of Shanghai food cold storage, food production enterprises, food wholesale markets, supermarket stores, aquatic products sellers and central kitchens. Etc. Shanghai market supervision departments at all levels are required to urge distributors to immediately stop selling and seal frozen shrimps produced by the three companies involved after March 12, and cooperate with sampling inspections.

  Zhejiang Province’s epidemic prevention and control cold chain food “material prevention” special class fast customs and other relevant departments, using the recently developed “Zhe cold chain” traceability system function and the established food “material prevention” special class mechanism to provide accurate distributors And the list of related products is available for local investigation, and the frozen shrimp products produced by the three Ecuadorian companies involved are immediately taken off the shelf and sealed. According to reports, the market supervision system of Zhejiang Province, together with the customs department, has taken storage and recall measures for nearly 80,000 kg of related products for importers and distributors across the province. (Finish)