Jumbo closes about a quarter of the branches of restaurant chain La Place. This is confirmed by the supermarket company, which owns La Place, following reports in De Telegraaf on Monday .

According to a spokesperson for Jumbo, the restaurants, which were closed as a result of the corona measures, are now being reopened step by step, but 23 branches are no longer opening at all. "Despite the easing measures, there is a lot of uncertainty about the future."

The formula is being adapted and the locations concerned would not be profitable in the new concept.

The closure means that 480 jobs are at stake. Forced layoffs are prevented as much as possible, Jumbo says when asked. The group says it wants to keep as many jobs as possible by offering employees positions within other branches of La Place or Jumbo branches.

La Place was previously owned by department store chain V&D. After the formula had proved very successful within the department stores, it was also marketed as a standalone concept at the beginning of this century. Jumbo took over La Place after the demise of V&D.

According to De Telegraaf , 23 out of a total of approximately 100 branches will be closed, both in inner-city and shopping centers and along the motorways. Staff will be notified on Monday. During the corona crisis, parent company Jumbo lost millions of euros due to the forced closure of the restaurants.

La Place turned 165 million euros in revenue in 2019

In 2019, La Place had a turnover of 165 million euros. That was an increase of 10 percent compared to a year earlier. Due to the bankruptcy of Hudson's Bay, Jumbo already lost several La Place branches. In Barcelona and Amsterdam Kalverstraat, among other things, branches were added last year.

Further foreign expansion was planned for this year, in Copenhagen and Seville.