China News Service Client, Beijing, July 13th (Reporter Xie Yiguan) The Hunan Satellite TV host was hotly searched for an advertised P2P incident.

  In early July, Wang Han was urged to search for debts because of the endorsement of the love of money into the APP. Just a few days later, on July 12, Du Haitao was involved in an advertising cooperation with "Net Libao". His sister said in the live broadcast that the investor "deserved" and "sent" his younger brother Du Haitao and himself.

Hot search screenshot on Weibo.

  "There was'Tong Zhuo Hang Daddy' before and'Ting Sister Hang Deng'", some netizens commented on Du Haitao's hot search incident.

Let's take a look at what happened.

  Due to the overdue non-payment of P2P platform Netlibo, the platform was unable to log in. Netlibo used to advertise in the "Happy Base Camp" program of Hunan Satellite TV, and Du Haitao also appeared in different versions of video ads for Netlib. Netlibao investors rushed into Duhaitao's sister's live broadcast room and swiped the message "The netlibao your endorsement endangered us so badly."

  According to media reports, in May 2019, Wanglibao was investigated by the public security organ. As of May 15, 2019, Netlibao's cumulative transaction amount was 25.97 billion yuan, the loan balance was 3.03 billion yuan, and the number of lenders exceeded 40,000. Hongli Zhihui, a shareholder of Netlibao, announced on January 16, 2020 that the office of Beijing Netli Technology Co., Ltd. has been closed, and the actual controller Zhao Runlong has lost contact. The company estimates that the investment recovery possibility is very small. A loss of 69 million yuan was recognized.

Screenshot from sister Du Haitao live video.

  The live video showed that Du Haitao's sister said in the live broadcast room, "There is no saying, why? Love to see, don't see it, just like this, how to love."

  Afterwards, a staff member said on the screen, "I just want to say that the most important thing to say is yourself. No one is forcing you to do it. It is up to you to do this. It has nothing to do with Haitao. Tao did not hold your hand and said that you must sign me, and did not buy it from your pocket."

  As soon as the staff spoke, Du Haitao said "You deserve it" again and again. This remark caused dissatisfaction among netizens, and then continued to ferment on social networks.

Screenshot of Netlibao video ads.

Du Haitao denied endorsement! Acknowledge advertising cooperation without mentioning "apology "

  Seeing things getting bigger and bigger, on the evening of the 11th, Du Haitao Studio issued a statement saying that "Netlibao" had short-term cooperation with us through advertising agencies in the shooting of advertising in 2018, and did not directly sign an endorsement contract. Our advertising cooperation with the advertising agency has long ended, and we have not released the information of "Netlibao".

  The statement also stated that after learning about the problems with "Lianbao" through the media last year, it immediately informed the original advertising agency, "Lianbo" and relevant departments about the situation and communicated with them, requesting the original advertising agency, "Wanglibao" "Treasure" timely and properly handles the problems of user friends.

Du Haitao studio statement.

  The reporter noticed that, unlike Wang Han’s apology in the previous statement, Du Haitao’s statement did not mention “apology, apology”, and Du Haitao’s subsequent forwarding of the studio’s statement on Weibo just said, “We must actively follow up the incident. progress".

  Regarding Du Haitao's statement and Du Haitao's reply, some netizens said, "Why can't you give an apology first and follow up on what's going on here. This attitude is far from Wang Han's." "The product you promoted happened Question, you shouldn't do'one push two six five' like this."

Wang Han's statement about the endorsement of the "Love Money Advance" APP.

Du Haitao did not apologize, but my sister apologized

  According to media reports, after Du Haitao's voice, his sister made an apology on the Weibo account @婷婷姐吖_发文 on the 12th.

  @婷婷姐吖_ said, "First of all, I am really, very sorry, facing the screen in the live room a few days ago, without knowing it, I did not control my emotions and said some words that hurt others. , Sincerely apologize for the inappropriate remarks in my live broadcast, and say sorry for the bad impact on all parties. In order to express my apology, I decided to terminate my live broadcast. Once again, I am sorry to everyone. Very sorry . I'm really sorry."

  However, the apology failed to calm down the sentiment of some netizens, and many netizens expressed their dissatisfaction by leaving comments on the Weibo. As of 21:00 on July 12, "Sister Du Haitao" is still in the fifth position on Weibo's hot search list.

No endorsement without signing a contract, no need to apologize?

  Du Haitao's studio mentioned in the statement that "the endorsement contract has not been signed directly", only that there has been advertising cooperation with the advertising agency. Is Du Haitao the spokesperson of Netlibao?

  In this regard, Zhao Zhan, deputy director of Beijing Zhilin Law Office, told reporters from China News that the stars advertise this product, some clearly indicate the advertising spokesperson, and some do not clearly indicate the advertising spokesperson, but through video or pictures The way to directly promote a certain product is usually the nature of an advertising spokesperson.

  "Just like young people will buy products because of celebrity endorsements, ordinary people think that there is a celebrity endorsement or advertising is reliable. Only celebrities can only get endorsement fees and advertising fees without paying any responsibility. Isn't this a profit? The benefits are for you, and the risks have nothing to do with you." Some netizens said so.

  Tianyan check shows that the affiliated company of Netlibao is Netlibao Company of Beijing Netli Technology Co. Ltd. The company was administratively fined 100,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan in June 2016 and November 2018, because "an advertiser's release contains a guaranteed commitment to future effects, revenue, or related conditions, express or implied capital preservation, no Advertisement of goods or services that have investment expectations such as risk or income guarantee, etc." At present, the legal representative of Wanglibao Company of Beijing Wangli Technology Co., Ltd. is Yang Hua. The largest shareholder is Yang Lixia, holding 70% of the shares; the second largest shareholder is Yang Hua, holding 20% ​​of the shares.

The screenshots are from Tianyan check.

  Carding found that in addition to Du Haitao and Wang Han, in recent years, many stars have turned over because of endorsements or advertising for P2P. For example, Huang Xiaoming once endorsed East Hongqiao Finance under Kuailu Group, and later the East Hongqiao Finance appeared to be overdue; 88 Fortune Parent Company Zhongke Chuang Group, where pianist Lang Lang once endorsed, was suspected of self-financing; Tang Yan, Li Xiang, Qu Ying, Actresses such as Zhong Liti and Hu Jing played advertisements for the accidental E Zoubao.

What is the responsibility of celebrities for endorsement of advertising products?

  From the current legal point of view, it is difficult to hold the celebrity spokesperson accountable. "The responsibility of celebrity endorsement advertising P2P needs to be determined in accordance with the specific facts and circumstances." A lawyer from a well-known law firm in Beijing told CNN reporter.

  "It depends on whether the content of the advertisement is true. If the content of the advertisement is false, the celebrity shall bear joint and several liability." Zhao Zhan said, "If the recommended wealth management product has been used by oneself, one has to prove that it has been used, and if it cannot be proved, It is also illegal, and it also bears joint and several liability."

  According to the statement of Du Haitao Studio, before the cooperation, he reviewed the relevant operating qualifications of Netlibao and registered to use its products.

  However, "when financial products are suspected of criminal law-related crimes, advertising spokespersons may become accomplices of corresponding crimes if they have a "knowledge"." The above-mentioned lawyer who did not want to be named said that the Supreme People's Court Article 8 of the Interpretation of Certain Issues of Specific Application of the Law stipulates that if the star knows that the P2P platform illegally absorbs public deposits or raises funds for fraud and still promotes its advertisements, it may constitute a false advertising crime and may be sentenced to less than two years in prison or Detention, concurrent or single fine.

  "If the star does not know that the advertisement is false and does not know the company's product defects, then under the current legal framework, there is no need to bear legal responsibility." The lawyer said. (Finish)