It has been found that the company's advance compensation and advance payment are being promoted for approximately 70% of Lime Asset Management's repurchase of private equity funds.

Lime Fund's Financial Supervisory Service takes five to six years before the dispute settlement results come out, and customers who have important customer trust and investors who want to minimize losses are approaching the point of contact through private reconciliation.

According to financial authorities, the amount of private reconciliation promoted among the 6.7 trillion won of repurchase of Lime Fund is 1.16 trillion won.

Private reconciliation is usually divided into a prestigious award and an advance payment.

The presentation is an unconditional return of part of the investment, and if the investor accepts it, it cannot file a lawsuit or complaint.

Advance payment is a part of principal payment in advance, and is a method of post-payment when the compensation ratio is determined according to fund asset recovery and dispute settlement decisions.

An official from the financial authorities said, "Shinhan Financial Investment and Shinyoung Securities selected the prize for sale, and Daishin Securities and Banks chose advance payment."

Seven banks including Shinhan, Woori, Hana, Enterprise, Busan, Gyeongnam and Nonghyup Bank are pursuing advance payment.

In addition, if the sellers accept the dispute settlement plan for Lime Asset Management's trade finance fund, about 80% of the total redemption suspension amount will be settled.

The Financial Supervisory Service's Dispute Mediation Committee recently decided to return all of its principals to investors who have bought trade finance funds since November 2018.

It was the logic that the investment proposal was misrepresented and misrepresented when Lime Asset Management was in trouble with the fund, and the seller was able to apply the cancellation of the contract by mistake because the proposal was presented to the customer.

If five vendors accept the dispute resolution plan, the principal amount of KRW 161.1 billion will be returned to investors (500 individuals and 58 corporations).

An official from the financial authorities said, "If the seller accepts the dispute settlement plan, only about 300 billion won of the reimbursement of the lime fund will remain unresolved." .