Local banks nationwide Support local companies by actively purchasing specialty products 12:48 on July 11

Regional banks nationwide have begun to actively purchase local specialty products whose sales have continued to decline due to the new coronavirus. In addition to financing, banks are expanding to support local companies.

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, department stores that are specializing in local products are becoming difficult to manage due to temporary suspension of operations at department stores and suspension of events.

For this reason, the Association of Second Regional Banks, which is affiliated with 38 regional banks nationwide, has created a new site that introduces special products made by customers in each region, and has begun efforts to encourage bank employees and their families to make purchases. ..

The site has 180 products from all over Japan, including processed seafood and meat, fruits and sweets. Although it is not open to the public, we would like to have a bank employee and family together buy about 70,000 specialty products and create opportunities for business partners to have business negotiations.

Shinkin Banks have also begun efforts to sell their products to department stores by making full use of the nationwide network, and there is widespread support between financial institutions that goes beyond financing to support cash flow.