21% of the bars and restaurants in Spain -33% in the case of Madrid- remain closed at the beginning of July, and the activity of the sector in the areas most dependent on foreign tourism is between 60 and 70% by below the previous year.

This is indicated by the weekly study of the Spanish Federation of Hospitality Distribution and Catering Companies (Fedishoreca), which continues the activity of this industry since the de-escalation began after the health crisis caused by Covid-19 and during the "new normality "

In the first week of July, the global drop in the activity of the hotel and catering industry and its distributors is 28%, adding the closed establishments (21%) and the loss of sales of those that have already opened, although a 7% over the previous week.

With only 79% of bars and restaurants open (73% the previous week), purchases from distributors and sales have been 10% lower than the previous year, the report indicates.

Between the Autonomous Communities and their different areas there are "important differences", since in those highly dependent on foreign tourism, such as the Balearic Islands and Benidorm, and the center of the cities of Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, the activity of hospitality is still between 60 and 70% below 2019, counting closed establishments and the lowest average sale of those that have opened.

In the Balearic Islands, 53% of the establishments are still closed and those that are open sell on average 25% less than the previous year.

In Madrid, the percentage rises to 33%

In Madrid, although they continue to recover this week, 33% of the establishments are still closed, and the areas of the city center still remain with drops in activity between 80 and 50%.

On the other hand, in the six communities with the most open establishments (Asturias, Aragon, Castilla y León, Andalusia, the Basque Country and Castilla-La Mancha) they reach an average of 86% of reopens, but the total activity of the hospitality industry falls on average by 23% over the previous year.

In relation to the pace of the reopening of the establishments, it has stagnated in Asturias, Aragon, the Basque Country, Castilla-La Mancha and Andalusia, which were leading and the previous week exceeded 80% of open establishments. In the first days of July it has only increased by three percent, which predicts that a maximum will be reached this summer around 85% of operating premises.

On the other hand, in the rest of the communities, which in the previous week still did not exceed 75% of active bars and restaurants, the figure has grown an average of 8%.

In Castilla y León the openings have increased 11 percentage points, nine in Galicia, eight in Madrid and the Balearic Islands, seven in the Valencian Community, six in Catalonia and Murcia and five in Cantabria.

As for sales, they only improve four percentage points on average over the last week of June in Catalonia, Galicia, Madrid and Cantabria. The capital only goes from 55% to 59% and remains far from 72% of the national average.

The other Communities, on average, improved their sales over the previous week by 10 percentage points.

The exception are Navarra, due to the San Fermín effect, and Aragón, which fell by six and three percentage points over the result of the previous week.

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