ING closes a quarter of the branches where consumers can turn to for detailed banking matters, such as a mortgage interview. The bank announced this in a statement in response to a report by De Telegraaf on Friday.

ING currently has 419 locations where customers can go to arrange banking. That is 170 offices and 249 so-called service points. At the offices, 42 locations disappear, which are merged with other offices or merge into a service point.

Jobs will also disappear as a result of the restructuring of the office network. ING says it expects that there will be no forced layoffs. "Because many employees can work elsewhere in the bank."

According to ING, the offices that will be closed permanently in the coming year will have an average of two to three customers per hour. Online banking reduces the need for customers to go to an office, says ING. The corona crisis has further accelerated that process.