Administrative guidance to Rakuten Mobile Change frequency without taking necessary procedure by law July 10 18:20

Rakuten Mobile, which made a full-scale entry into the mobile phone business from April this year, changed the frequency of smartphones it developed in-house without taking legally required procedures. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has instructed the company to prevent recurrence.

The problem was a small product of the Rakuten Mini, a small smartphone developed by Rakuten Mobile.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Rakuten Mobile had changed the frequencies that smartphones could support without taking the necessary procedures under the Radio Law. He also said that he sold the product without explaining the changes to consumers.

For this reason, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on the 10th provided administrative guidance calling for prevention of recurrence as there was a problem from the viewpoint of legal compliance and user protection.

Rakuten Mobile said that changing the frequency was to improve overseas services, and that using the company's or partner's au line will not affect the use of the terminal.

In addition, it means that the legally required procedures have been re-established.

In addition, "We will thoroughly implement recurrence prevention measures and strive to provide better services. We deeply apologize for causing concern and inconvenience to our customers and other related parties." ..