China News Service, July 9th, according to the WeChat public account of the State Post Bureau, the State Post Bureau released the "2019 Annual Express Market Supervision Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"). "Report" shows that in 2009, the volume of express delivery business exceeded 60 billion pieces, the increment exceeded 10 billion pieces again, the express delivery industry has more than 3 million employees, and more than 200,000 new social jobs have been added, providing important support for stable employment.

  "Report" shows that in 2019, the development of the express delivery industry presents four major characteristics. One is the continuous improvement of scale, quality and efficiency. The volume of express delivery business exceeded 60 billion pieces, and the increment exceeded 10 billion again, contributing more than 50% to the growth of the world's express delivery industry. The revenue of express delivery business exceeded 700 billion yuan, accounting for 7.6‰ of GDP, and the income growth rate was four times that of GDP, making a positive contribution to stable growth. There are more than 3 million employees in the express delivery industry and more than 200,000 new social jobs, providing important support for stable employment. The terminal network has been continuously improved, and there are 82,000 public service stations at the urban express terminal. The transportation structure has been continuously optimized, with 116 domestic express freighters and 451 high-speed express lines opened. The service quality is continuously improved, and the satisfaction score of express delivery service is 77.3 points, an increase of 1.4 points year-on-year. The 72-hour punctuality rate was 79.3%, an increase of 0.3 percentage points year-on-year, and the effective appeal rate for express delivery services fell to 0.5 parts per million.

  Second, the social contribution is more prominent. Actively help the rural revitalization. In rural areas, more than 30,000 townships and villages have established rural express delivery outlets, and 63,000 public pickup and delivery points have been established. The coverage of township express delivery outlets has reached 96.6%, and the level of rural express delivery services has steadily increased. To create express delivery services Modern agriculture has 163 projects with an annual business volume of over one million pieces, and annual delivery of over 15 billion pieces of express mail in rural areas, supporting industrial products going to the countryside and agricultural products entering the city exceeding 870 billion yuan. The "posting + rural e-commerce + agricultural special products + farmers" industrial poverty alleviation model has achieved good results, helping to sell agricultural products 367 million yuan, becoming a new source of rural income growth. Accelerate the construction of an international delivery network.

  Completed 1.44 billion pieces of international/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan express delivery services throughout the year, supporting cross-border online shopping retail sales of 440 billion yuan, adding 24 international freight routes, and an international express delivery network covering more than 60 countries and regions around the world. Actively promote pollution prevention. Vigorously implement the "9571" project, the national electronic waybill utilization rate reached 98%, e-commerce express no longer secondary packaging rate reached 52%, circulating transit bag utilization rate reached 75%, 30,000 outlets set up packaging waste recycling devices, " The "slimming tape" packaging ratio reached 75%, 31,000 new energy and clean energy vehicles were added, and the industry's environmental protection work reached a new level.

  The third is the accelerated release of innovation kinetic energy. The application of technological innovation has been enhanced. The express delivery industry has continuously increased its investment in scientific research, the rapid popularization of intelligent customer service and unmanned warehouses, the accelerated application of information management systems, unmanned vehicles, drones, artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain, scientific management, and dynamic prediction , Routing planning, accurate portraits and other technological levels have been further improved, and the prototype of the intelligent security inspection system has entered the trial production stage. Automation and intelligent equipment are widely used. 402 express logistics parks have been built nationwide. The construction of new distribution centers and the expansion and expansion of the distribution centers have accelerated. The proportion of automated and semi-automated sorting equipment has steadily increased. 406,000 smart express boxes were put into operation, with a box delivery rate exceeding 10%. Business areas continue to expand. The supply capacity of cold chain, instant delivery, express delivery, supply chain management, "line-side logistics" and integrated logistics service solutions has been continuously enhanced, and the ability to coordinate with public services such as medical and government affairs has been effectively improved.

  Fourth, the governance system is gradually improved. The regulations and standards system was further improved. Amend the "Interim Regulations on Express Delivery", formulate the "Administrative Measures on the Delivery Service of Intelligent Express Boxes", amend the "Administrative Measures on the Post Safety Supervision and Management of the Postal Industry", amend the "Administrative Measures on the Operation License of Express Delivery Business", and revise the "National Post Industry Emergency Response Plan" 》And 4 special emergency plans. Four industry standards including "Basic Data Element for Express Handling Sites", "Code for Exchange of Real Name Mailing Information for Mail Express", "Technical Specification for Access to Video Surveillance System of Postal Industry", and "Basic Requirements for Mail Express Package" are issued. The reform of "delegating service" accelerated. Cancel the use of express delivery business site certification, fully realize the express license approval and one network office, formulate express branch coding rules, and record the end of the branch to achieve normalization.

  Continue to strengthen the licensing system and informatization construction, and promote the transformation of licensing from "heavy examination and approval to management", and the new format supervision mechanism has been continuously improved. Coordinate the implementation of a new round of tax reduction and fee reduction policies for enterprises to reduce or exempt taxes and fees by more than 1.5 billion yuan. During and after the incident, the supervision was continuously strengthened, and the “double random and one open” supervision was effectively implemented. The "Administrative Supervision Measures for Postal Law Enforcement" was revised, and the standardization of administrative law enforcement was continuously strengthened. The construction of the credit system of the express delivery industry has been steadily advancing, and the "Credit Evaluation Scheme for Legal Persons in the Express Delivery Market" has been issued, which further improves the credit supervision capability. The construction of the "Green Shield" project was promoted in an orderly manner. The Hefei Disaster Preparedness Center, the State Post Bureau Monitoring Center and more than 90 provincial and municipal level monitoring centers were built. Some important information systems were put into operation, and the role of the security guarantee chassis was significantly enhanced.