New industries, new formats, and new business models accounted for 0.2% of GDP increase-
  "Three New" adds vitality to China's economy (Ruijing)

  The National Bureau of Statistics announced on July 7 that, according to calculations, China's "three new" economic growth value is 16.92727 trillion yuan, equivalent to 16.3% of GDP, an increase of 0.2 percentage points from the previous year; the growth rate is calculated at current prices It was 9.3%, 1.5 percentage points higher than the current GDP growth rate over the same period. Insiders pointed out that the "three new" economy is becoming an important part of China's economic development, and it has a very important supporting role for China's economic recovery. As a vigorous new force, the "three new" economy has injected new vitality into the Chinese economy.

  Steady growth of "Dinghai Shenzhen"

  A collection of economic activities with new industries, new formats, and new business models as the core content, that is, the "three new" economy.

  Where is the "three new" economy "new"? The National Bureau of Statistics pointed out that new industries refer to the application of new scientific and technological achievements and emerging technologies to form a new type of economic activity of a certain scale, specifically embodied in new industries directly generated by the industrialization of new technology applications and new industries formed by the use of modern information technology in traditional industries; The new business form refers to the new links, new chains, and new activity forms derived from existing industries and fields by adapting to the needs of diversified, diversified and personalized products or services, and relying on technological innovation and application. In order to rely on business activities, etc.; the new business model refers to the integration and reorganization of various internal and external factors of the enterprise's operation to achieve user value and the company's sustainable profitability goals, forming an efficient and uniquely competitive business operation model, which is specifically expressed as Integrate Internet and industrial innovation, integrate hardware into services, provide one-stop services for consumption, entertainment, leisure, and services.

  According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the added value of China’s “three new” economies has steadily increased in 2019. Looking at the three industries, the value added of the “three new” economy’s primary industries has reached 668.5 billion yuan, equivalent to 0.7% of GDP The added value of the "three new" economy in the secondary industry is 7.0443 trillion yuan, equivalent to 7.1% of GDP; the added value of the "three new" economy in the tertiary industry is 847.9 billion yuan, equivalent to 8.6% of GDP.

  "The development of the'three new' economy is a positive change in the industrial structure and economic structure driven by innovation, and is also a very positive result of the structural reform on the supply side." Zhang Liqun, a researcher at the Macroeconomic Research Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council, accepted this reporter. The interview stated that from the perspective of the "three new" economic development in 2019, the comprehensive effect of supply-side structural reforms has further demonstrated that the rapid rise of the "three new" economy has not only become a "steady sea god", but also China's economic and social development. New kinetic energy.

  Promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries

  Combining the Internet and information technology, the "Three New" has promoted the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Zhang Liqun introduced that the advanced manufacturing in the "three new" economy is an organic combination of new technology and traditional manufacturing, which includes semiconductor device special equipment, wearable smart equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles, audio film machinery and so on. The "three new" economy incorporates new technologies into traditional manufacturing, accelerating the pace of overall industrial upgrading.

  In addition to manufacturing, the new catering service industry, which combines Internet technology and traditional catering industry, is also a major format of the "three new" economy. The new catering service industry provides customers with personalized ingredients, customized dining environment and take-out services through the Internet, social media and other emerging technologies, which has completely changed the disadvantages of traditional catering fixed locations and experience convergence, and promoted the transformation and upgrading of the service industry.

  "Last year's "three new" economic growth has been rapid, and it is inseparable from the impact of the macroeconomic environment. This year's epidemic has had a serious impact on the economy, especially the service industry has been hit more prominently, and the "three new" economy is no exception. Zhang Liqun said, "However, we can see that under the impact of the epidemic, the "three new" economic shock resistance is relatively more obvious." Online office helps to restore production operations, distance education achieves "no suspension of classes" and online business bursts Vitality, e-commerce and new retail based on e-commerce have become large-scale... Zhang Liqun said that the "three new" economies characterized by the "digital economy" have flourished to help production and life.

  "The'three new' economy is becoming an important part of China's economic development and is a vigorous new force." Zhang Liqun said, "As the'three new' economic development energy continues to increase, China's resumption of production and economic recovery A positive situation has a very important supporting role."

  Provide a good environment for "Three New"

  The development of the "three new" economy requires the integration of multiple forces, which also means providing a more free, inclusive, and perfect market environment to promote the development of the "three new" economy.

  Industry insiders pointed out that from the perspective of the "hard environment" of objective conditions, the "three new" economic enterprises are not fighting each industry individually, but many industries are cooperating with technology. Therefore, the construction of corresponding supporting facilities and industrial parks needs to lower the threshold for enterprise review and attract more rich and diverse enterprises. At the same time, the corresponding information infrastructure should also meet the needs of high and new technologies and accelerate the construction of 5G and other information equipment.

  From the point of view of the “soft environment” constrained by the system, the development of the “three new” economies may conflict with traditional industry norms and regulations to varying degrees. Local governments and relevant departments must keep up with the times, comprehensively use tools such as fiscal and taxation, and make timely adjustments. Relevant rules and regulations to adapt to the development of the "three new" economy.

  Zhang Liqun pointed out that focusing on accelerating the pace of technological innovation, promoting the in-depth integration of digital and intelligent technologies with manufacturing and service industries, and advancing the digital transformation of the traditional industrial chain according to local conditions will effectively promote the growth and maturity of the "three new" economy To expand and inject new energy into economic and social development. "Under a more relaxed, free and inclusive market environment in the future, the'three new' economic development will make great progress, and its contribution to GDP will also increase."

Kong Dechen

Kong Dechen