Major convenience store To Kumamoto after heavy rains Food and other relief supplies July 9 19:36

A major convenience store plans to send relief supplies such as food to Kumamoto Prefecture, which was damaged by the heavy rain.

▽Seven-Eleven Japan has 100 rice balls, 200 sweet buns, and 2,000 body sheets for wiping off body stains at 8:00 am on the 10th at around 8:00 am at Ashikita Town Hall in Kumamoto Prefecture The company plans to deliver 2000 tissues, 500 paper plates, 10 thermometers, more than 1500 bottled water, and more than 1800 instant noodles in a cup.

In addition, 100 pieces of rice balls and 200 pieces of sweet bread will be delivered to Ashikita Town Hall around 11 am and 12 th this month around 8 am.

At the request of Kumamoto Prefecture, FamilyMart plans to deliver 7500 instant noodles in a cup and 15,000 cups of miso soup to Yatsushiro City on the 10th, and 15,000 meals of alpha rice on the 14th of this month. is.