After fraud and market manipulation, the German payment service Wirecard is now also suspected of money laundering. That is announced by the German justice on Thursday.

"We are investigating possible money laundering practices," said a spokesman for the Munich public prosecution service, particularly looking at certain individuals at the company. The exact target was not communicated.

Adyen competitor Wirecard initially seemed like a success story. The company was once worth $ 28 billion (24.7 million euros). It ran into trouble last month when accounting firm EY found a budget gap of about $ 2 billion.

A short time later, CEO Markus Braun and operational director Jan Marsalek left. Wirecard has meanwhile applied for an extension of payment. German justice started an investigation into fraud and market manipulation.

Braun was arrested shortly after his resignation. Marsalek is still under investigation. An international arrest warrant has been issued against him.