China-Singapore Jingwei client, July 8 (Zhang Yanzheng) "Send 2880 yuan tax-free shop voucher" "Unlimited travel on 12 domestic airlines of Hainan Airlines" ... Hainan Islands New Passenger Tax Free Shopping Policy just landed a week, Hainan Aviation has also launched the "HNA Free Flying Together Free Trade Port" product, and it has also given vouchers and unlimited flights, which has attracted many consumers to snap up.

  On July 6, HNA's first batch of Xianfeifei products (2699 yuan) was released. Due to the large number of rush-buying, the HNA APP was "crowded." In the early morning of July 7, HNA adjusted the product sales to the online live broadcast mode. The broadcast time was 11:30-12:30 and 20:00-21:00 on July 7th. Each live broadcast sold 4000 sets, each set The price is 2999 yuan. However, at noon on July 7, many netizens still commented that it was "difficult than grabbing concert tickets."

  In fact, it is not only HNA's Xpress fly products that are hot in sales. Shortly after China Eastern Airlines and China Airlines launched similar Xpress fly packages, there was also a scene of "snatching away". For consumers, it seems that the Xianxinfei package that grabs two or three thousand yuan has picked up a big bargain, and after some consumers have come back, they discovered that "Xixianfei" is facing many restrictions and second ticket grabs. It is difficult to wait for many problems.

   Photo by Zhang Yanzheng of the new latitude and longitude in the aeronautical data map

Free 2880 yuan tax free store voucher

  At noon on July 7, Ms. Cheng of Shenzhen finally grabbed the product of HNA Xpress. For her, the 2880 yuan duty-free shop voucher presented by HNA is particularly attractive. "My boyfriend and I plan to go to Hainan to take wedding photos in August, and fly to Hainan for 2,999 yuan an unlimited number of times. It is considered to be a "wool" once for airline wool. I originally wanted to buy cosmetics and bags, and I just used up 2880 yuan vouchers. , After calculating an account, we found that to run out of coupons, we need to spend more than 20,000 yuan in different duty-free shops."

  Ms. Cheng said that after the order was placed, she received 11 Hainan Duty Free vouchers from Hainan Airlines. Among them, there were 4 100 yuan vouchers for perfumes and cosmetics; 2 300 yuan vouchers for bags, clothing and footwear; watches and jewelry. Two 750 yuan vouchers; two 190 yuan discount coupons, and one 100 yuan threshold-free boutique coupon.

   Photo courtesy of HNA SMS respondents

  Ms. Cheng said that the original grabbing of Hainan Xianxinfei products was to save money, but it turned out that if you want to "scratch wool", you need your wallet to "bleed". "In addition to the unconditional use of the 100-yuan threshold-free voucher, other 2780-yuan vouchers have too high a threshold. For example, if you buy a perfume with a price of over 1,000 yuan, you can use a voucher with a price of 100 yuan and buy a voucher with a price of over 5,000 yuan. Can only use a voucher of 750 yuan.

  The customer service staff of the duty-free shops in Sanya City of China Free Group told reporters from China New Singapore that the duty-free shop vouchers included in the products of HNA Freedom Xpress do have many conditions of use. The staff member introduced that consumers can use cosmetics, luggage, and jewelry vouchers at Sanya International Duty Free City, Haikou Airport Duty Free Shop, Haikou Riyue Plaza Duty Free Shop, Qionghai Boao Duty Free Shop physical store, single full-price consumption It can be used after certain requirements. "The 190 yuan discount coupon can only be used in the discount zone and the special stores on the third floor of the physical store of Sanya International Duty Free City. It also requires a single discount of 1900 yuan for consumption. It cannot be superimposed. In addition, some luxury goods such as Gucci You can’t use any vouchers in brand stores."

    2880 yuan duty-free shop voucher use condition source: HNA customer service

Cut leek or prickly wool?

  "2880 yuan duty-free shop vouchers" use threshold is too high, then 2999 yuan ticket package can be returned within the validity period?

  HNA's official website introduces that the free flight products cover Hainan's domestic flights to and from Hong Kong's 12 airlines. A total of 263 routes in more than 100 cities connect to the three major airports in Haikou, Sanya, and Boao in Hainan Island. In addition to the rights and benefits of unlimited flight times, passengers can also enjoy an additional 10 kg free baggage allowance for Hainan Airlines and Daxinhua Airlines' Hainan outbound flights.

  It is worth noting that the use date of this HNA Freeflight is from July 15, 2020, and the flight dates are from July 20 to September 29, and October 9 to December 31, 2020. In other words, HNA has perfectly avoided the "Eleventh Golden Week" holiday. When most people have time to travel, the product cannot be used.

  Is it more friendly to retirees and students who have more time? If a Beijing university student who bought HNA's free flight plans to go to Hainan for a summer vacation. The recent ticket price from Beijing to Sanya is around 700 yuan, which means that you can get back the cost of 2 round trips. If you go to Hainan once more, HNA will have to pay an additional 700 yuan for the air ticket. At this time, many people will worry about HNA’s Will wool be "bald"?

  In fact, HNA has added many restrictions on the conditions of use. For example, each flight can reserve 20 seats. This rule means that the “lucky user” who grabs the free flight faces the “second ticket grab” when booking a ticket. If you choose a popular route, there will be no It is different from a "ticket grabbing war", and it also needs to book a flight 5 days in advance.

  If you can't take the ride temporarily after redemption of the product, the change and refund are also a big problem. HNA stated in the product precautions, "This product does not support rescheduling, endorsement, upgrades, etc. If the ticket cannot be traveled as scheduled for some reason, you must apply for a refund at least 48 hours in advance." In addition, if the user redeems the ticket 3 times If it is not used and cancelled in advance, the purchased "HNA SXFLY" product will automatically expire, and you will not be able to enjoy any rights of XFX. The product purchase amount will not be refunded.

    Photographed by Zhang Yanzheng, the new latitude and longitude in the interior of the aircraft cabin

What are the "pits" of the freewheeling products?

  As early as half a month ago, China Eastern Airlines and China Airlines began to launch Xpress-related products, and after the first batch of "crab-eating" people experienced many problems. The Black Cat complaint shows that the complaints about the free flying products mainly focus on the problems that it is impossible to book popular flights, the products cannot be cancelled, there are many restrictions, and there are more than one ticket, but the ticket cannot be booked.

  On June 18, China Eastern Airlines announced the launch of the "Weekend Free Fly" product, priced at 3322 yuan. All weekends before the end of this year, unlimited free travel in China Eastern's domestic flight economy class (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Public reports show that on June 27 and 28, the first weekend of China Eastern's Xpress flying products, the first wave of early adopters successfully "redeemed" more than 65,000 tickets. Just over the weekend of July 4th and 5th, nearly 90,000 people used the product.

  According to the Beijing News, Mr. Huang in Hangzhou decided to travel on the weekend after the purchase was successful, but he spent half of the weekend on catching the plane. "I want to fly home from Hangzhou to visit relatives, but there is no direct flight must be transferred, I want to fly from Shanghai, and found that the prime time ticket is basically no tickets." Finally had to choose to return to Hangzhou by high-speed rail from Shanghai. In addition, Mr. Huang also said that the Eastern Airlines APP showed that the remaining flight tickets were insufficient and could not be redeemed, but on the OTA platforms such as Ctrip and Feiguo, it still showed that there were still remaining tickets.

  Civil aviation expert Li Xiaojin said in an interview with the Sino-Singapore Jingwei client that under the background of continuous improvement in epidemic prevention and control, the free flying products launched by the airline company will help restart the aviation industry and boost consumer travel confidence. On the other hand, the product is also a product of balancing the interests of airlines and consumers. "The starting point of the product design of XpressXi is that the airline company predicts that there will be a surplus of seats in the future market, so by selling this part of idle resources at a preferential price, you can get a certain amount of cash flow."

  Li Xiaojin pointed out that when designing similar products, the aviation company should do market research. If users cannot purchase the product and cannot use it, it will greatly affect consumers' trust in the aviation company. In addition, a large number of low-price Xianfei products will occupy the seat space of future passengers.

  "Some consumers only saw the low price of Xianfeifei products, but did not pay attention to the specific use restrictions. If consumers do not have much travel time and energy to "seize tickets", there is really no need to buy this cheap product. To avoid wasting time and money." Li Xiaojin said. (Sino-Singapore Jingwei app)

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