The number of companies that believe they have existed for at least another year has increased. Businesses were more confident about their survival in June than in May in almost all sectors of non-financial business. This was reported by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) on Wednesday.

In June, more than half of businesses in most sectors believed to be in business for at least another year, while in May, 60 percent of surveyed entrepreneurs were still fearing their survival.

In business services in particular, confidence in the continued existence of the company has increased between May and June. Compared to May, the number of business service providers not afraid of bankruptcy rose by 16 points to 57 percent. The travel industry in particular is optimistic. In May, only 10 percent of companies in that industry believed they could survive, compared to 51 percent in June.

The catering industry is still pessimistic. A quarter of the entrepreneurs in that sector think they can survive for another year. In May, 85 percent took into account redundancies.

Confidence in the future is greatest in the real estate sector and retail. Three-quarters of real estate companies thought they could continue for at least another year in June, the same as in May. In retail, it was 69 percent, slightly more than in May.