Lufthansa wants to cut the number of management positions. One in five managerial positions is canceled. About a thousand workplaces also disappear in support functions. The company reports on Tuesday.

The airline currently employs a total of 138,000 people. Some 26,000 jobs will become redundant as a result of the effects of the corona crisis, Lufthansa previously announced.

Lufthansa, like other airlines, has been hit hard by the corona crisis. Hard measures are necessary to remain profitable. Although some five thousand jobs have already been cut, that is not enough, according to the company.

The announced plans are part of a restructuring operation renamed Renew and will run until December 2023.

To implement the staff reduction without being made redundant, Lufthansa conducts talks with unions and social partners. Many have not yet resulted in these conversations. There is so far only agreement with a cabin crew association.

Lufthansa already said goodbye to Germanwings

Earlier, the company decided to cut the number of aircraft by a hundred in addition to cutting five thousand jobs and to discontinue the activities of its subsidiary Germanwings.

The German airline has also received EUR 9 billion in state aid. The plans were initially criticized by shareholders. In the end, 98 percent of all shareholders agreed to receive state aid.

This did mean that the German state acquired a fifth of the shares and two positions on the board of directors. Lufthansa indicates that it wants to repay the state aid as soon as possible.