Dubai International Airport has taken all the operational measures that contribute to the smooth flow of passenger traffic, while ensuring their safety and health, coinciding with the resumption of international tourism traffic yesterday.

A tour organized by "Emirates Today" in coordination with the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, for the group of Dubai Tourism and Travel Agents, showed the airport's readiness to provide the best, safest and most secure services, at a time when the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority confirmed the provision of free Covid-19 tests to all visitors to the emirate.

Managers and officials said that the increase in the number of flights will contribute to increasing rates of passenger flow during the coming period, stressing that "Dubai International" plays a fundamental role in connecting global travel, as it is the largest airport in the world in terms of international passenger numbers.


In detail, the Emirates Today newspaper, in coordination with the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, organized a tour of the group of Dubai agents for tourism and travel at Dubai International Airport, as part of an initiative to welcome visitors and tourists, in conjunction with the resumption of international tourism traffic to the emirate starting from the seventh of this July.

During the tour, which included various airport facilities, members of the Executive Committee of the "Dubai Council of Tourism and Travel Agents" were briefed on the latest developments and procedures within the framework of the ongoing preparations to receive international tourists and visitors, including precautionary measures to ensure the safety of travelers and airport workers after the "Covid-19" pandemic. ».

Committee members visited the arrivals and departures passenger halls, as well as facilities for completing travel procedures, preparations to receive scheduled flights, in addition to measures that ensure that the highest safety and security standards followed in international airports are followed.

Airport readiness

Vice President at Dubai Airports Corporation, Jamal Al-Hayy, affirmed the readiness of Dubai International Airport to provide the best and safest services for travelers, receive scheduled flights, and return flights for residents to the country, in addition to transit flights to other destinations.

He added that the number of regular flights is constantly increasing, with Emirates Airlines and flydubai announcing the start of their flights to more stations.

Al-Hay said that the increase in the number of flights will contribute to increasing the rates of passenger flow during the coming period, pointing out that "Dubai International" plays a fundamental role in connecting global travel, as it is the largest airport in the world in terms of international passenger numbers.

He revealed that the airport has taken all operational measures that ensure the smooth flow of passenger traffic, in parallel with ensuring their safety and health. International.

Covid-19 Tests

For his part, Saud Abdulaziz Kankazar, Executive Director of Air Transport and International Affairs in the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, said that since the decision of the Supreme Committee for Crisis and Disaster Management in Dubai, the citizens and residents have been allowed to travel abroad as of June 23, and the start of receiving tourists and visitors via Dubai Airports, starting from July 7, according to specific requirements. The Authority continued to work with all of its strategic partners, to ensure a safe and smooth resumption of flight traffic through Dubai Air Ports.

He added that the companies operating flights to Dubai airports operate according to the requirements set by the relevant authorities, to ensure the highest international standards, while Dubai Airports Corporation and its strategic partners have taken a series of precautionary measures and measures to preserve the health and safety of all travelers, whether departing or arriving, and all workers at the Air port.

He stressed that these measures include various stages, from the arrival of passengers to the airport, and even their boarding, pointing out that the national airlines and some foreign air carriers have started operating regular flights to many destinations.

He revealed that the "Covid-19" tests are free for all visitors traveling to Dubai.

Optimism and confidence

In addition, Asem Arshad, CEO of Dubai Travel and Tourism Agents Group, said that the members of the Executive Committee of the Dubai Travel and Tourism Agents Council reviewed the precautionary measures in Dubai International Airport in the framework of preparations to receive international tourists, pointing out that Dubai Airports and its strategic partners made great efforts. To adopt and implement the highest standards that guarantee the safety of customers at all stages of travel.

He stressed that all facilities at the airport are equipped with the latest technologies to work in a highly efficient and effective manner, and they are fully prepared, noting that the procedures inspire optimism and confidence in a safe return for regular arriving and departing flights, including transit flights.

He pointed out that the main travel agencies in Dubai received positive feedback from its external partners in various countries and markets regarding the resumption of tourism movement, indicating that Dubai is a unique tourist destination in light of the interest and desire of many to visit and spend holidays there throughout the year. He added that the companies, in turn, launched many offers and programs designed to receive visitors.

Services and procedures

In a related context, Executive Vice President of Al Rais Travel Company, Mohammed Jassim Al Rais, said that Dubai International Airport harnessed the full potential of airlines and travelers with the resumption of international tourism traffic, which encourages air transport globally during the coming period.

Al-Rayyes pointed out that Emirates Airlines and flydubai provided a set of services and procedures that facilitate the movement of travel through the airport, noting that the services of the two carriers are very popular at the local and international levels.

He stated that the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai has adopted a set of measures at various points of attraction that attract visitors, including public facilities.

Protective glass and floor markers

Measures adopted by Dubai International Airport include the presence of protective glass upon check-in and passport ports, thermal examination and physical spacing, in addition to increasing levels of sterilization in accordance with international standards.

The airport also installed landmarks in all waiting areas, to guide travelers, and to ensure a commitment to physical distance at the "counters" of travel procedures, passports, boarding gates, and areas to continue flights. In turn, airport workers, dressed in protective gear, are instructed to commit to a safe distance from others, and packs of hygiene kits are available on departure gates.

Procedures for arriving travelers to Dubai

Before traveling, travelers must obtain travel insurance

Corona treatment or disclosure of willingness to bear costs

Treatment, or removal if necessary, or bring an insurance certificate stating the coverage

Includes treatment for the virus to be presented upon check-in.

- Passengers arriving in Dubai are required to take a PCR test before an appointment

Travel 96 hours, and bring a certificate confirming that the virus was not infected

Traveling, and if this is not possible, the test can be taken at Dubai Airport

International, in which case the traveler must isolate himself until the issuance

test result.

- If the test result is negative, the tourist can leave the hotel

And enjoy his journey naturally, but if the result is positive, then

He should follow the Dubai Health Authority’s advice and follow the isolation.

- All travelers to Dubai must fill in the medical disclosure form.

And the quarantine submission form. Both forms must be completed and printed

And hand them over to the Dubai Health Authority employees upon arrival.

- All tourists are alerted to the importance of downloading the “COVID-19 DXB” application,

And record their data in it, to facilitate the ability to communicate with health authorities in

If symptoms of the virus appear.

Al-Riyami: Dubai will be the first to resume the tourist movement

The editor-in-chief of the Emirates Today newspaper, Sami Al-Riyami, said that the initiative organized by the newspaper comes within the framework of informing the major travel and tourism agents and companies in Dubai about the procedures for receiving international visitors at Dubai International Airport, in line with the efforts made to support attracting tourists during the coming period.

Al Ryami added that Dubai made great efforts at various levels, in cooperation with the various official authorities concerned with the file to combat the emerging Corona Virus (Covid-19), in the context of preparing and speeding up the pace of recovery of various sectors in the country, including the resumption of tourism, noting that Dubai It tops the list of the most important destinations on the international tourism map, and will be the first in the global appeal stage.

He explained that in addition to the standards adopted at the airport, to receive travelers, the hotel establishments, resorts and tourist facilities in the emirate have taken many precautionary measures that guarantee the safety of visitors at various stages, allowing a gradual return to tourism activities.

Health protection tools

Emirates Airlines has taken additional measures to establish innovative health and safety standards at the industry level, in the air and on the ground. The carrier has prepared containers containing health protection tools, which will be distributed free of charge to passengers upon completion of travel procedures at Dubai International Airport, and to passengers traveling to Dubai. Each package contains face masks, gloves, antiseptic wipes, and sterile liquids.

Biometric gates

Specific areas have been designated for the "Covid-19" testing, and all passenger terminals are equipped with safety standards and procedures, including waiting seats, spacing panels, and instructions for using lanes and elevators. Departures from Dubai will use gates equipped with biometric equipment, to reduce contact with supervisors, while those gates undergo extensive cleaning and sterilization operations after completing the preparation of each trip.

- great efforts to implement the highest standards that ensure the safety of travelers.

Emirates Airlines and flydubai provided a set of procedures to facilitate travel.

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