China-Singapore Jingwei client July 7th, EMT Monday, US stocks "relay" A shares are booming, opened higher and higher, the Dow closed up 1.78%, the Nasdaq closed up 2.21%, a new high, Tesla closed up Nearly 14%, the stock price exceeded 1300 US dollars; Chinese stocks generally rose, Alibaba rose more than 7%.

  As of the close, the Dow rose 459.67 points, or 1.78%, to 26287.10 points; the Nasdaq rose 226.02 points, or 2.21%, to 10433.65 points; the S&P 500 index rose 49.71 points, or 1.59%, to 3179.72 points.

  Three major US stock index time-sharing chart source: wind

  In terms of large US technology stocks, Apple rose 2.68%; Facebook rose 2.94%; Amazon rose 5.77%; Microsoft rose 2.15%; Google rose 2.12%; Netflix rose 3.55%; Tesla rose 13.48%.

  General stocks rose in general, and Alibaba, a well-known stock, rose 7.33%; Baidu rose 7.81%; Jingdong rose 3.01%; NetEase rose 2.12%; Sina rose 10.55%; Weibo rose 17.79%; Pinduo fell 6.45%; Fun Toutiao rose 21.10%; Wei Lai rose 22.71%; iQiyi rose 0.50%; Thunder rose 2.75%; Momo rose 15.68%; Huya Live rose 15.35%; Bilibili fell 8.39%; Car House rose 7.11%.

  Sources of gains in some stocks: wind

  On the news, according to CCTV news reports, US President Trump signed a law to extend the salary guarantee plan on July 4 local time. The U.S. Congress proposed the plan in March to provide small businesses with relief in terms of wages and expenses during the outbreak. The original deadline for the compensation plan was June 30. On July 1, the US House of Representatives has approved a further extension of the pay protection plan to August 8, after the Senate passed the bill.

  In terms of individual stocks, Sina announced that it received a non-binding privatization offer, which proposed the acquisition of all common shares issued by companies not yet held by New Wave at a price of $41 per share in cash. Bo rose 10.55% and 17.97% respectively; Dominion Resources closed down 11% after Buffett spent $10 billion to acquire Dominion Energy Natural Gas business.

  New York oil prices fell slightly on the 6th. New York light crude oil futures delivered in August fell 2 cents to close at $40.63 per barrel.

  In terms of international gold prices, the most active August gold futures price on the New York Mercantile Exchange gold futures market rose by US$3.5 on the 6th from the previous trading day, closing at US$1793.5 per ounce, an increase of 0.2%.

  European and Asian stock markets generally moved higher on Monday.

  The three major European stock indexes rose across the board that day. The average price index of 100 stocks in the Financial Times of the London Stock Exchange in the UK closed at 6285.94 points on the 6th, an increase of 128.64 points or 2.09% from the previous trading day. The French Paris stock market CAC40 index closed at 5081.51 points, up 74.37 points from the previous trading day, or an increase of 1.49%; the German Frankfurt stock market DAX index closed at 12733.45 points, up 205.27 points from the previous trading day, or an increase of 1.64%.

  Asian stock markets rose across the board. A-share stocks rose sharply, the Shanghai stock index closed up 5.71% at 3332.88 points; the Shenzhen Component Index closed up 4.09% at 12941.72 points, and the GEM index closed up 2.72% at 2549.49 points; the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index closed up 3.81% at 26339.16 points Points; the South Korea’s Seoul Composite Index rose 1.65% to 2187.93 points; the Nikkei 225 index closed up 1.83% to 22714.44 points. (Sino-Singapore Jingwei app)