Korea has the world's first hydrogen electric truck mass production system and started exporting to Europe.

There are not many tasks to be solved in order to preoccupy the future food and hydrogen car market, but reporter Kim Hye-min pointed out.


Ten hydrogen electric trucks produced by Hyundai Motor Company are displayed one after another on a vehicle carrier.

Starting with Switzerland, it is planning to enter the entire European and North American markets.

Nikola, an American hydrogen electric truck manufacturer called the second Tesla, has no factory or prototype yet.

Hydrogen vehicles have the advantage of being twice as long as electric vehicles after one charge.

Although there is only one domestic hydrogen car, it is already in operation with over 5,000 cars.

The government recently launched the Hydrogen Economy Committee and is focusing on revitalizing the'hydrogen economy'.

However, there are many mountains to overcome.

Hydrogen filling stations, the basic infrastructure, are not easy to secure on site due to the risk of explosion or leakage.

[Hwang Seong-jin/Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do: If you're traveling long distances, there are times when you're anxious, and there are plans to go to Gangwon-do. Charging station.]

Shortening charging time is also an urgent task.

You can only charge hydrogen cars one by one, and if the car charges, you have to wait 7 minutes for the next charge.

[Bae Chung-Sik/Professor of KAIST Mechanical Engineering: I think it is very important to try to preoccupy the world market by using (hydrogen) technology. Because power engines are quite expensive, it is much more important to invest in technology development costs than to supply hydrogen electric vehicles while spending too much subsidies.] If

electric vehicles competing for the future green car initiative will significantly improve battery performance, The seat of hydrogen cars will be narrowed as much.

(Video coverage: Dong Hyuk Lee, Video editing: So Ji-hye)