The scale of my country's digital economy added value reached 35.8 trillion yuan last year

Strong industry supports the development of new engines (new data and new perspectives)

  Our reporter Wang Zheng and Han Xin

  "People's Daily" (01st edition, July 06, 2020)

  In the early summer, when I walked into the Ningbo Ningbo Aikedi Digital Factory, I saw the automatic guided vehicle flexibly shuttle, the scanning gun quickly and accurately quality inspection... Behind these visible smart devices, is an "invisible" 5G special The network is supporting production data collection and warehousing logistics management.

  "As a supplier of automotive aluminum alloy precision die-casting parts, customers require 99.99% of the stability of our products." He Shenghua, deputy general manager of Aikedi Co., Ltd., said that by connecting to the 5G network, large capacity, high speed and low delay The data stream meets the signal transmission needs of 700 terminals. "Last year, the per capita output value increased by 17%, and the product competitiveness has improved significantly. It is expected that all 5G factories will be built by the end of July this year!"

  The joint appearance of 5G and the Industrial Internet has made digital technology sparkle in the smart factory, which has become an important support for the development of the national economy. According to the "White Paper on the Development of China's Digital Economy (2020)" released by the China Information and Communications Research Institute on July 3, in 2019, my country's digital economy added value of 35.8 trillion yuan, accounting for 36.2% of GDP.

  What does 35.8 trillion yuan mean?

  -"35.8 trillion yuan" means that the scale of the digital economy is constantly expanding.

  "I have long been interested in an imported calcium supplement milk powder, catching up with the '618' promotion, a single order is cheaper by hundreds of dollars!" Li Fangfang, a resident of Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, said excitedly.

  Benefiting from the rapid development of digital trade, "buy the whole world without leaving home" has become the daily shopping experience of Chinese consumers. Digital trade is an important part of my country's digital economy and the most important manifestation of the internationalization of the digital economy. In recent years, my country’s digital trade has continued to expand in depth and breadth, especially the rapid development of e-commerce and the sharing economy, injecting a steady stream of momentum into the development of the digital economy.

  -"35.8 trillion yuan" means that new industries and new formats are booming.

  Open the Didi travel app, click "Future travel", enter personal basic information, after the application is passed, you can experience the self-driving car-hailing service on the 53.6-kilometer test road in Jiading, Shanghai. On June 29, the day after the official launch of Didi's autonomous driving service, Shanghai citizen Chen Feng had a taste of it. "Turning, obstacle avoidance, overtaking, deceleration, etc. are all done automatically, comfortable and safe!"

  Not only autonomous driving, as an important field of digital industrialization, my country's 5G innovation applications have currently launched more than 400 projects, involving industries, transportation, medical and other industries. In 2019, my country's digital industrialization added value reached 7.1 trillion yuan, a nominal increase of 11.1% year-on-year.

  -"35.8 trillion yuan" means that new technologies and the real economy are accelerating integration.

  In the past, the level of intelligence of cement production enterprises has not been high, and the production quality and energy consumption level are very dependent on human experience. To this end, Shandong Donghua Cement Co., Ltd. is determined to introduce an "industrial brain" to solve the problems of reducing energy consumption and improving quality in the clinker production process through real-time data monitoring and parameter optimization of the entire process. "After the on-line test, the grinding efficiency has increased by nearly 3%, the economic benefit has increased by more than 40 million yuan, and the power consumption has dropped by 4%!" Xu Lu, deputy chief engineer of the company, was very happy.

  Not only the manufacturing industry, more and more traditional industries use digital technology to carry out comprehensive, multi-angle, full-chain transformation and upgrade, creating considerable economic benefits. Data show that in 2019, the scale of my country's industrial digital added value is about 28.8 trillion yuan, and its share of GDP has increased from 7% in 2005 to 29% in 2019.

  "my country's digital economy continues to grow at a high speed and is becoming a new engine for high-quality economic development." He Wei, deputy director of the Political and Economic Research Institute of the China Information and Communications Academy.