The European Union will "act decisively" if the United States is unwilling to resolve a long-running argument over aircraft subsidies. That said the European Commissioner for Trade Phil Hogan Monday.

Hogan told the European Parliament's trade committee that the EU has already put two proposals in Washington, but the US has rejected both. Several EU officials say to Reuters news agency that they don't think the US is eager for a solution.

"I want to assure everyone that we are ready to act decisively and forcefully if we do not get the US the kind of outcome we expect to resolve this 15-year-old conflict," Hogan said.

The EU and the US have been upset for years about illegal state aid to aircraft manufacturer Airbus in the eyes of the US. At the end of June, US President Donald Trump announced that if the subsidy to Airbus does not stop, a lot of European products will be taxed by him extra. It concerns products such as Gouda and Edam cheese, different types of wine and beer, gin and vodka.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) previously ruled that the EU should not have given subsidies to Airbus and that this is unauthorized state aid. This gave Washington the right to impose import taxes of $ 7.5 billion (about € 6.6 billion). Conversely, the WTO will probably only decide this autumn whether the EU could also impose import duties due to the US aid to Boeing.