Sino-Singapore Jingwei client July 6 The Hang Seng Index opened 0.68% higher at 25545.54 points, hitting a new high in March; the state-owned enterprise index rose 0.72% to 10317.54 points, hitting a new high in March; the red chip index rose 0.76%, At 4096.03 points, hit a new high in March; the market turnover was 2.159 billion Hong Kong dollars.

Blue Chip Quotes

  In terms of blue chips, Geely Automobile rose 3.81% to 14.70 Hong Kong dollars, leading blue chip stocks. AAC increased 2.01% to HK$53.40; New World Development rose 1.91% to HK$39.95; Link Real Estate Fund rose 1.85% to HK$66.00; CITIC shares rose 1.8% to HK$7.90.


  On the disk, securities and brokerage, health care equipment, aviation logistics, other metal minerals, supply chain management and other five sectors led the rise. Its China United Securities rose 10.37% to HK$3.30 to lead the securities and brokerage sector; public transportation, gas and oil production Business, information technology consultants, entertainment facilities, integrated enterprises and other five sectors were among the top decliners. Among them, the MTR Corporation fell 2.53% to HK$40.50, leading the decline in the public transport sector.

North-South capital flows

  From the perspective of the north-south capital flow of Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, as of press time, the net inflow of southbound funds was 3.11 billion yuan, of which the net inflow of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect was 2.936 billion yuan, the balance of funds on the day was 39.06 billion yuan, and the net inflow of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect was 174 million yuan. The fund balance is 41.826 billion yuan.

  The net inflow of northbound funds was 292 million yuan, of which the net inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect was 190 million yuan, the balance of funds on the day was 51.81 billion yuan, the net inflow of Shenzhen Stock Connect was 102 million yuan, and the balance of funds on the day was 51.898 billion yuan.

AH Stock List

  For AH shares, China Everbright Securities, China CITIC Securities, China Galaxy, Xintian Green Energy, Dongjiang Environmental Protection, China Merchants Securities, GF Securities, Zhongzhou Securities, Shen Wanhongyuan, China Southern Airlines and other 10 stocks rose the top; Postal Savings Bank , China Communications Construction, Hisense Home Appliances, Fosun Pharma, Bank of Communications, China National Petroleum Corporation, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation, China Construction Bank, Flat Glass and other 10 stocks fell the top.

Active stocks on the Main Board and GEM

  On the main board, China Science and Technology Biotech rose 33.33% to HK$0.40, Jinglian Group rose 28.26% to HK$0.295, Financial Street Properties rose 26.36% to HK$9.30, Meilan Airport rose 21.17% to HK$19.00, Everbright Securities rose 20.4% to 10.80 Hong Kong dollar and other stocks were among the top gainers; Zhizhong International fell 81.13% to HK$0.30, Century Sunshine fell 34.21% to HK$0.05, Dilute Magnesium Technology dropped 20.35% to HK$0.137, Yakuo Holdings dropped 12.09% to HK$0.40, and Zhongtian Hongxin fell 4.05% reported a decline of 0.71 Hong Kong dollar and other stocks among the top. The top five in terms of turnover are Tencent Holdings, Financial Street Properties, SMIC, Alibaba-SW, China Life.

  On the Growth Enterprise Market, Guanxun Holdings rose 8.54% to HK$0.89, China Youzan increased 1.48% to HK$1.37, and Yabo Technology Holdings rose 1.35% to HK$0.375 and other stocks rose the top; Wanya Enterprise Holdings fell 13.51% to HK$0.032 , Minxin International Holdings fell 2.04% to 0.096 Hong Kong dollars and other stocks fell the top. The top five in the turnover are China Youzan, Wanya Enterprise Holdings, Guanxun Holdings, Sun International, and Singapore Food Holdings.

Warrants and CBBCs

  The top five trading volume of warrants are Alibaba Citigroup 9 Buy A, Geely Goldman Sachs Zero 7 Buy A, Geely Motong Zero B Purchase A, Alibaba Moto Zero B Purchase A, and Ali Bank of China Zero B Purchase A.

  The top five CBBC turnovers are HSI Motone 33 San Niu R, SMIC Societe Generale 1 Niu I, HSI Moto Zero 10 Xiong S, HSI Franco Ba Niu A, SMIC ZTE Zero B Cow C. (Sino-Singapore Jingwei app)