[Economic 365]

Ten medium- and large-sized hydrogen freight cars, created by the government and Hyundai Motor, were first exported to Switzerland through Gwangyang Port.

The hydrogen trucks exported this time have a total vehicle weight of 34 tons, a hydrogen fuel cell output of 190 kW, and a driving motor of 350 kW with a one-mile travel distance of approximately 400 km.

Hydrogen trucks require more durability and power than hydrogen passenger cars, but Hyundai will export 1,600 units by 2025 starting today with 10 units.


KOTRA is issuing emergency vouchers to help small and medium-sized enterprises export to participate in non-face-to-face business such as video counseling and online exhibitions to discover overseas partners.

When companies apply for and select vouchers according to their marketing plan, they will be issued vouchers that can be used within 10 million won or less than 5 months.

You can purchase about 5,800 services including non-face-to-face overseas sales support programs, such as the production of a foreign language catalog for overseas promotion registered in the export voucher website.


Consumer electronics companies have entered a major air-conditioning promotion event this month, as a hot heat is predicted this summer.

Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Winia Aid, etc., which have been operating production plants since last month, started to catch consumers with various events and promotional events aimed at July, when air conditioner sales are highest.

The industry expects that sales of air conditioners, which had been sluggish with Corona 19 at the beginning of the year, will be added to the government's top efficiency refund business and'Korea Accompanying Sale' event, and it will be possible to sell '2.5 million units' for 4 consecutive years.