The largest 3rd additional supplementary budget (estimated) will be released tomorrow (6th) to overcome the economic crisis caused by coronavirus infection-19 (corona19) and prepare for the post-corona era.

The government plans to enforce three-quarters of the additional budget in the next three months.

According to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, as ministries of public budgets and allocation plans passed yesterday's interim state meeting, each ministry is scheduled to go into effect on Monday, tomorrow.

This is over 35 trillion won, exceeding the 2009 (28.44 trillion won) during the global financial crisis.

The government has set a goal to execute more than 75% in three months if the Cardinal passes the National Assembly.

Considering the time of passing, it means that we will execute a significant portion of the budget by the beginning of October.

The government believes that the first cardinals are more than 90% and the second cardinals are executed near 100%, so the third cardinals should also be put into account quickly in consideration of the urgent demands of the site.

The government plans to focus heavily on job retention and short-term job projects to minimize the impact of the Corona19 economy.

Also, it is a policy to support companies to protect their jobs through various policy financing.

The Korean version of New Deal and Corona 19 will also pay attention to the execution of budgets related to quarantine.

The Ministry of Information and Technology decided to hold the financial management inspection meeting twice a month to check the execution status of the additional budget and immediately respond to any difficulties in the field.