Now is the peak period of household appliance scrapping. Improper handling will cause waste of resources and environmental pollution.
  Where should we go?

  Every time when sales are promoted, many people take advantage of discounts to purchase new appliances. The current replacement frequency of home appliances is accelerating. How to deal with obsolete home appliances that have been eliminated?

  Not long ago, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other seven departments jointly issued the "Implementation Plan on Improving the Recycling System for Used Home Appliances to Promote the Renewal and Consumption of Household Appliances" (hereinafter referred to as the "Implementation Plan"), proposing to focus on the key areas of The weak link clearly stated that it would take about 3 years to unblock the entire chain of home appliance production, consumption, recycling, and disposal.

  Over 100 million waste household appliances are waiting to be recycled every year

  After some bargaining, she was relieved when the peddlers who collected waste products in the community took away the waste household appliances from Li Jing's house in Beijing. At the beginning of June, Li Jing moved into a new home, and also purchased a full set of new home appliances. It is imperative to quickly dispose of old appliances.

  Among the home appliances handled by Li Jing, the induction cooker and juicer are relatively new. The hawker who came to collect the goods told Li Jing that he was going to take it back and give it to his friends in his hometown. For older products like refrigerators, some parts can be used for maintenance when dismantled, and other useless parts are only Can be sold as scrap.

  It is understood that my country has become the world's largest home appliance manufacturing base and home appliance consumer power, as well as a major producer of waste home appliances. Relevant data show that my country is at the peak period of household appliance scrapping, and the number of discarded household appliances has reached 100 million to 120 million units annually, and it has continued to grow by an average of 20% per year.

  In an interview with reporters, Xu Yuanhong, general manager of Beijing Aixiang Environment Company, said that waste household appliances have high resource value, and also contain heavy metals and various pollutants. "If the waste household appliances recovered by hawkers flow into the market again, there is a safety hazard. Some people will violently dismantle the precious metals or usable parts in the waste household appliances, which will pollute the environment. Useless parts will be removed. Dispose of it as garbage, and ultimately need the government to deal with this part of the garbage."

  Internet helps home appliances recycling

  Taking advantage of the "6.18" big promotion, Meng Nan purchased an air conditioner for his home and made an online reservation for an Internet appliance recycling company to dismantle the old air conditioner. "Place an order on the mobile phone, enter the model and year of the machine, make an appointment for door-to-door time, and a service person will come to the door to disassemble and recycle the used air conditioner. It is very convenient." According to Meng Nan's model, the recycling company paid 100 yuan.

  The "Internet + recycling" model is increasingly accepted by people. Meng Nan said that when he was a child, his memories of recycling old appliances stayed in the cry of “recycling old refrigerators and old color TVs” from small vendors, and he had to wait for the person to receive the goods to come to the community, or directly to the cleaning workers in the community. "Now that you have a mobile APP, you don't have to find someone to collect the goods on the street anymore, and the demolition work is more secure.

  "'Internet + recycling' not only brings convenience to residents, but also because the process is controllable and the flow is clear, it can greatly reduce the environmental pollution caused by the dismantling of used electrical appliances." During the outbreak, relying on the Internet, Beijing Ai classification company's home appliances The recycling business has not been greatly affected, and with the consumption boom of "6.18" promotional shopping, there has been a small upsurge in recycling volume.

  "Old appliances will not be taken away, and new appliances will not be able to enter, so residents' demand for household appliance recycling is rigid, and the stock is certain. Some small household appliances are reserved online, and they are collected on a fixed basis, which can avoid direct contact." Xu Yuanhong told reporters The household appliances they collect will be dismantled and sorted in the company's dismantling workshop, and the electrical appliances that are more difficult to dismantle will be sent to other more professional enterprises for dismantling.

  The "Implementation Plan" proposes that in the future, the recycling of home appliances should use Internet technology as the link, and improve the coverage of the recycling treatment system through online and offline integration; encourage large recycling enterprises to absorb individual recyclers and establish long-term and stable cooperative relations, or through Recycling of used home appliances is carried out by appointment and other methods, and it is handled by compliant companies. Xu Yuanhong believes that with the maturity and development of the Internet of Things and big data technology, the chain of Internet home appliance recycling will become more and more perfect, and the efficiency of recycling will also increase.

  Platform companies join hands to "trade-in"

  As mentioned in the "Implementation Plan", home appliance production and sales enterprises and e-commerce platforms are encouraged to hold "anniversaries", "shopping festivals" and "trade-in" to guide residents to accelerate the replacement of home appliances.

  During this year's "18·18" period, various platforms have also launched trade-in offers. For example, launched a variety of activities such as trade-in, trade-in and discount, and 5% discount on small appliances for trade-in, which eventually increased 341% for trade-in users, and 581% for trade-in for small appliances. "June 18" all day,'s all-channel trade-in transactions exceeded 100,000 orders, with a total subsidy of over 100 million yuan. The platform said that it will cooperate with professional dismantling enterprises to avoid the return of old home appliances to the market again.

  However, some consumers believe that the trade-in price on e-commerce platforms is too low. Feng Yu, who is planning to purchase a new refrigerator, said that after conducting a recycling evaluation on a website and entering the brand, model and age of the old refrigerator at home, he would only receive a deduction of a dozen yuan for a new one. Feng Yu said that this was much lower than his own expectations. "It is not as good as a hawker to pick up the goods. The price may be higher."

  Industry insiders said that the core of the trade-in is to stimulate consumption. As a sales method, businesses should understand the pain points and needs. But it should also be seen that the effective docking of platforms, home appliance companies and recycling companies can allow consumers to place orders at once, meet the needs of taking old ones, discounts and sending new ones, and improve the efficiency of appliance recycling.

Cao Yue

Cao Yue