Up to 6.17 real estate measures, the 21st real estate measures came out of the current government. Although it has been three weeks since the announcement of the countermeasure, the price of the house has been rising and real estate loan regulations have been tightened, and real-life demanders are rolling. Now it's hard to buy a house other than the cash I have in my hand.

Seoul's house price is running as a ceiling, but how much it would have risen. In this situation, how many years will it take to buy my house in Seoul, and if I do some calculations, I will be able to make a life plan. So the friendly [Pick Q&A] looked for some clues.

Q. It went up, it went up, there are a lot of words, but how much did the house price in Seoul actually go up?
A. 52% vs 14%, the difference between civil organizations and the government.

The Citizens' Alliance for Economic Justice (hereinafter referred to as'Gyeongsilyeon') announced that the apartment price in Seoul has risen 52% for the past three years. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (hereinafter referred to as the “Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport”) raised 14.2%. Specifically, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said that the apartment price, which was 600 million won, was 300 million won and became 900 million won, and that it was about 80 million won, so that it did not exceed 700 million won.

Q. Why is the difference so big?
A. This is because the median sale price of KB Kookmin Bank Apartment vs. the Korea Appraisal Board's housing price trend survey and the standard price adopted by each institution are different.

The KB price adopted by Kyungshil is based on housing price statistics created since the 1970s, when Kookmin Bank was a housing bank. If you say that there are 100 apartments in Seoul, the prices are arranged in order of the 50th middle price, which is based on the price of the apartment.

The Korea Appraisal Board's housing price trend survey is a national approval statistics that reflects the overall housing market situation. KB prices are closer to home prices, commonly referred to as'quotes', and appraisal prices appear lower than quotes.

Kyung-Sil-Ryun strongly criticizes the government for using appraisers' prices that do not fit the market situation to cover the fact that the house price has risen to the ceiling. "If you use the'real apartment transaction price index by region' among appraisal statistics, you can see that Seoul apartments have risen 42.5%, but this is not the case."

The government is in the position that the market situation can be distorted excessively based on the median price of KB.

Q. What is the effect of KB price, appraisal center price, and our real customers?
A. When deciding on a regulated area such as a speculative overheating district, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport will use the appraisal price, and the Financial Services Commission will focus on KB prices when establishing loan regulation policies.

In the situation where the appraisers' price is <KB price, the residential area is regulated at a relatively low (yet less) price, and the upper limit of the loan is regulated at a high price. Will.

Cheoljin Chung critic of the SBS radio'Cheolhee Lee's Political Show' criticized, "When you are criticized that the apartment price has risen when you use KB prices when you regulate it, you say two words with a bite if the KB price is exaggerated."

Q. Anyway, it seems obvious that the price of an apartment in Seoul has risen, so please tell me how many years it will take to buy.
A. In conclusion, there is an analysis that it will take '43 years' at the present time.

It is assumed that the minimum wage is used to purchase the apartment. Under the Moon Jae-in government's income-driven growth, the annual income increased by 5.3 million won over the past three years. It was the most advanced government in history. However, as the price of Seoul apartments jumped more than 300 million won, it was explained that it took 43 years to buy a Seoul apartment with the minimum wage. This is an increase of six years from the beginning of the current government.

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