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Tesla Model S - DR

With a quality score of 250 known problems for 100 cars in the first 3 months after the delivery of a car, Tesla misses its entry into the quality survey of the very serious American organization JD Power, thus ranking on the last step of the podium, behind all the other brands studied. This disastrous score is however to be nuanced because the American manufacturer is in fact not really classified.

Tesla Model 3 - DR

The reason ? He simply did not play the game: "Unlike other manufacturers, Tesla does not grant us permission to survey its owners in 15 states where it is necessary," said Doug Betts, president of the automotive division at JD Power. "However, we were able to collect a sufficiently large sample of surveys from homeowners in the 35 other states and, from this basis, we calculated the Tesla score."

Tesla Model X - DR

Adored by some, hated by others, the brand of Elon Musk continues to fuel the controversy. Unwilling to communicate with the press and with other players in the automotive world in general, Tesla seems to avoid criticism at all costs, as we also revealed here a short while ago. A separate strategy which could prove particularly harmful for its long-term image.


Tesla: The customer is king ... as long as he is happy.


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