CCTV reporter FireWire tracking: Tencent sue Laoganma incident! Why did the procuratorate intervene in advance?

  In the past two days, Tencent's lawsuit against Laoganma has become a hot spot for the entire network. Today (July 3) this case has made new progress.

Picture from: Weibo, People's Procuratorate of Nanming District, Guiyang City

  This afternoon (July 3), the People's Procuratorate of Nanming District, Guiyang City released the latest news on the official Weibo and WeChat public accounts, indicating that the procuratorate was involved in the case of the forged seal of Laoganma Company in advance according to law, which is also the latest development in this case. .

  The procuratorate said that they attached great importance to the case and assigned the prosecutor to intervene in advance to understand the case and guide the investigation.

  Why should the procuratorate intervene in advance? The reporter contacted the People's Procuratorate of Nanming District, Guiyang City for the first time.

People's Procuratorate of Nanming District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province

Intervene in the case where the official seal of Laoganma was forged

  The staff of the People's Procuratorate of Nanming District, Guiyang City said that mainly in accordance with the provisions of Article 129 of the Constitution, Article 85 of the Criminal Procedure Law, and Articles 361 and 567 of the Criminal Procedure Rules of the People's Procuratorate, the procuratorate may intervene in advance. That is to say, for major and complicated cases, when the People's Procuratorate deems it really necessary, it can dispatch personnel to intervene in investigation activities in a timely manner, provide advice on the application of law in collecting evidence, and supervise the legality of investigation activities.

  From June 30th, Laoganma Company issued a statement saying that it had never conducted any commercial cooperation with Tencent and has reported to the Guiyang police. In just three days, the Shuanglong Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Guiyang City has committed three crimes. The suspect took compulsory measures, and the People's Procuratorate of Nanming District of Guiyang City has also intervened in advance.

  So, what kind of work will the procuratorial organ do at the investigation stage?

  The staff of the People's Procuratorate of Nanming District of Guiyang City said that in the early intervention stage, the procuratorate has no power of investigation. According to the understanding of the laws and regulations, it is to put forward some procuratorial suggestions on whether the supervision and investigation activities are legal and on some directions for the public security organs to collect evidence.

Lawyer: Procuratorate intervenes in advance to benefit fairness and justice

  Two well-known companies, Tencent and Laoganma, have involved civil and criminal cases for more than 16 million yuan in advertising costs. There are still many legal issues that are constantly fermenting.

  What effect will the advance intervention of the procuratorial organ have on the development of the case? Is this good news for Laoganma and Tencent?

  Lawyer Jin Yan: Usually, the procuratorate is a public security organ that has basically completed the investigation, and it is necessary to submit an arrest application for approval. It is actually more beneficial for everyone to find out the case and regulate the case.

  The reporter also contacted the two companies, Laoganma and Tencent. Both parties indicated that the case was still in the process of being heard by the police, and it was inconvenient to reply further.

  In addition, the recent practice of Shenzhen Nanshan District People’s Court freezing Laoganma’s 16.24 million yuan property has also attracted a lot of controversy. Is this practice legal and compliant?

  Lawyer Chen Tong: According to the Civil Procedure Law, Tencent, as the plaintiff, has the right to apply for property preservation against the defendant Laoganma Company, and when applying for property preservation, Tencent will provide a full guarantee to the court.

  If the final result of the case is that Tencent has lost the case, as Laoganma Company, if it believes that Tencent’s security measures have damaged its rights and interests, it can also claim compensation from Tencent.

  Moreover, during the period when the property of Laoganma Company is frozen, if interest related to deposits is involved, it still belongs to Laoganma Company.

 Tencent tells Laoganma a hot spot

  Multi-brand opportunities to do marketing

  The hot debate caused by this incident is not just a legal issue. On social media in recent days, there are a number of ridicule videos related to the incident circulating, which has also become a good time for some companies to rub hot spots and do marketing.

  After the Shuanglong Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Guiyang City took compulsory measures against the suspects, although Tencent did not give an updated official response, on many self-media, Tencent carried out crisis public relations by self-deprecating and self-deprecating.

  On the Weibo homepage, Tencent sent a thousand bottles of Laoganma's Weibo asking for clues. On Bilibili, Tencent’s official UP posted “I am the Hanpen Penguin who ate fake chili sauce”, There have been more than 5 million views, which has caused heated discussion.

  Not only did Tencent carry out a crisis public relations campaign on the new media itself, but various Internet companies also participated in the incident. It can be said that it caused many people to rub the hot spot.

  From Alipay's world without fake stamps, to Baidu's me and me, from Suning's stockpile, to Taobao's Laoganma live broadcast. In the past few days, many Internet companies have participated in this incident and took the opportunity to do a bit of advertising marketing.

  In addition, Laoganma also once again boarded the hot search of various home appliance manufacturers. According to the data obtained from As of 15:15 on July 2, the search volume increased by 600% year-on-year, and the turnover increased by more than 200% year-on-year; On the evening of July 1, Laoganma Jingdong's self-operated flagship store showed that several types of chili paste sold out.