, July 3, recently, Shanghai Medical Insurance electronic vouchers have been launched in some medical institutions, marking the Shanghai medical insurance public service has entered the "one code through" "one code office" era, the future citizens will use medical insurance, medical insurance will also Achieve "One Netcom Office". In the future, Shanghai insured persons will see the doctor to realize "off-card payment", activate the medical insurance electronic voucher to open WeChat to complete the medical insurance payment, and also receive WeChat cash red envelopes. Up to now, Shanghai has 11 municipal hospitals and 111 district-level medical institutions in 6 districts to realize the medical card electronic voucher de-card payment function.

  The medical insurance electronic voucher is uniformly generated by the national medical insurance information platform and is an electronic medium for medical insurance identification based on the medical insurance basic information database generated for all insured personnel. Medical insurance electronic vouchers use real-name and real-person authentication technologies and use encryption algorithms to form electronic vouchers. They have important features such as safety, reliability, and unique certification.

  Recently, Ms. Li, a Shanghainese doctor who was in Renji Hospital, experienced a "cardless payment" experience brought by a medical insurance electronic certificate. After activating the electronic medical insurance voucher on WeChat, Ms. Li opened the medical insurance code and scanned it. It was easy to complete the medical insurance payment, and she also got the electronic invoice directly by scanning the code on her mobile phone. "In the future, you don't have to forget your card, you can scan the code on your mobile phone, which is very convenient."

  Ms. Li's experience is not unique. With the full implementation of medical insurance electronic certificates in Shanghai, more than 1.7 million people in Shanghai have activated medical insurance electronic certificates on WeChat. In the hospitals and community service centers that have opened related services, insured persons can use the medical insurance electronic voucher to achieve medical treatment without a card. Scanning the code can complete medical treatment such as filing, registration, payment, and medicine collection, reducing window queues and repeated errands. On the one hand, the "reduction link" is realized, and the patient payment link is reduced from at least 3 links to 0, and zero queuing for medical payment is realized; on the other hand, "time reduction" is achieved, and the waiting time for patients is reduced through the integration of online and offline payment links It is expected to reduce the waiting time for waiting by an average of more than 45 minutes.

Scenario 1: One-click activation to ensure protection

  Shanghai citizens can apply for the “Medical Insurance Electronic Voucher” through real-name authentication through the “apply with” official APP or official WeChat applet, Tencent official channel WeChat “Tencent Health” applet, “My Medicare” public account or city service, etc. . After the activation is successful, you can get the card package with one click, and the medical insurance code is with you, which is more convenient to use.

Scenario 2: off-card payment, convenient medical treatment.

  After activating the medical insurance electronic voucher on WeChat, patients can realize the medical treatment procedures such as scan code payment and debit card payment for medical insurance. Whether it is registration, payment, taking medicine, or hospitalization, the mobile phone can be completed, and truly "a mobile phone, free hospital."

Scenario 3: Electronic bills, scan code to obtain.

  After paying for medical insurance electronic vouchers, patients can scan medical insurance codes, download electronic bills on their mobile phones, or print paper bills by themselves through the "electronic bill self-service printer" in the hospital. Electronic bills and paper bills have the same legal effect and can be used as reimbursement vouchers to avoid the loss of paper invoices.

Scene 4: Seeing a doctor online and delivering medicine to home

  Seeing a doctor online has become an increasingly popular method of medical treatment. Taking Renji Hospital as an example, some patients who have been seen in the past 3 months can use the "Internet Hospital" on WeChat to conduct a follow-up visit. They can use medical insurance electronic vouchers to complete medical insurance payment, or pay at their own expense, and they can also send medicine directly to their home.

  In the future, more medical insurance public service scenarios such as pharmacy scan code purchase, medical insurance business processing, medical insurance information inquiry, etc. can be easily achieved by using an electronic voucher on WeChat.

How to activate the medical insurance electronic certificate?

  Method 1: "Tencent Health" WeChat Mini Program

  1. Click "I-Pay-Medical Health" on WeChat, open the "Tencent Health" applet, and click "Medical Insurance Electronic Certificate";

  2. Select the participating city and complete the authorization activation according to the guidelines;

  3. After the activation is successful, click "Enter Card Package" to receive the card package with one click, open the medical insurance code, and it is more convenient to use.

  4. Click "Activate Red Packets" in the upper right corner to receive cash red packets with one click and withdraw cash to WeChat account.

  Method 2: "With the bid" official channel

  Open the "With Bid" app or search for the "With Bid" applet on WeChat, with the Bid Channel-Popular Recommendations-Medical Insurance Electronic Certificate".