As a result of the corona crisis, HEMA's department stores turned in significantly less sales in February, March and April. Turnover fell by more than 70 million euros, from 298.7 million euros last year to 224.8 million euros.

The result was about 30 million euros lower in the first quarter of the broken financial year, at 18 million euros, HEMA announced on Thursday. No net profit or loss is disclosed.

The company now has 85 percent of creditors on board for the deal announced in mid-June, which will see some of HEMA's debt restructured and the creditors become HEMA's owners.

"This represents an important milestone," said a spokesperson. It concerns the largest debt that HEMA had outstanding, of 600 million euros. The creditors had thus already become economic owners of HEMA. The final steps are now being taken to also acquire legal ownership.

Bankruptcy filing for AMEH

This must be approved by authorities in England, the United States and the Netherlands. Bankruptcy is also being filed for AMEH, an anagram of HEMA, with which Marcel Boekhoorn owned the shares. That bankruptcy is now being filed because a loan of 50 million euros was not repaid on time.

That should have happened before June 1, but Boekhoorn chose eggs for his money and decided to throw in the towel because he could not reach an agreement with the other group of creditors.

On Monday, owner Michiel Witteveen of Blokker's parent company told that he would like to buy HEMA and that he has sufficient resources to do so.