The Dutch start-up Swapfiets is expanding this year to London, Milan and Paris, the company reports Thursday. The range is also being expanded with renewed e-bikes and electric scooters and scooters.

Swapfiets was already active outside the Netherlands in Belgium, Germany and Denmark and recently welcomed its 200,000th subscriber. The growth has recently been mainly abroad: between January and May this year, the number of Swap bicycles in Brussels, Copenhagen and Berlin doubled.

Founded in 2015 by a group of students, the company now aims to become the largest European player in what it calls "micro-mobility". "We help make cities more accessible, healthier and more comfortable," explains general director Marc van Pappelendam.

Swapfiets's business model is actually between renting and selling bicycles. You can get a bicycle at the company for 15 euros per month. It will be yours, unlike, for example, a public transport bicycle, but if you have a flat tire, you can immediately exchange it for another one.

Swapfiets has noticed that the bicycle is not the ideal means of transport in large cities at all times and therefore also focuses on electric alternatives. A folding e-scooter is coming onto the market and an electric scooter is being tested in Berlin.