China-Singapore Jingwei client July 2nd, A-share callback, the Shanghai index reported 3023.72 points, a decrease of 0.07%; the Shenzhen Component Index reported 12095.85 points, a decrease of 0.14%; the GEM index reported 2418.31 points, a decrease of 0.05%.

  Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market opening performance source: Wind

  On the disk, food processing and manufacturing sectors led the rise, Sanquan Foods and Haixin Foods set daily limits; real estate stocks continued to be active, Gree Real Estate and Greenland Holdings daily limits; bus, logistics, airport shipping, home appliances and other sectors rose the top. Media, non-ferrous metals, hotel catering, textiles, securities firms, military industry and other sectors fell the top.

  In terms of concept stocks, EDA design software, yesterday's daily limit, characteristic towns, ETC, football concepts and other gains were among the top gainers. Liquor stocks fell, with willing wine, Laobai dry wine, etc. falling more than 2%; electronic invoices, today's headline concept, gold, wireless charging, scarce resources and other declines were among the top decliners.

  In terms of individual stocks, 1352 stocks rose, of which 33 stocks such as ST Plus, Beijing Culture and Chengyitong rose more than 5%; 1791 stocks fell, including 7 stocks such as Tianbao retreat, ST Cody and Xuanya International. The range exceeds 5%.

  In terms of capital flow, the top five inflows in the industry sector are other transportation equipment, cultural media, Internet media, marketing communications, and shipbuilding. The top five outflows are other transportation equipment, cultural media, internet media, marketing communications, Shipbuilding. The top five stocks that flowed into the top five were Capital Online, Platinum Branch New Materials, Jujie Micro Fiber, Naipu Mining Machinery, and Shuangfei. The top five stocks that flowed out were Capital Online, Platinum Branch New Materials, Jujie Micro Fiber. , Naip mining machine, Shuangfei shares. The top five influential themes are O2O concepts, cotton, UHV, wind power, and Shenzhen state-owned asset reform, and the top five out-of-the-box concepts are O2O concept, cotton, UHV, wind power, and Shenzhen state-owned asset reform.

  From the perspective of the north-south capital flow of Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, as of press time, the net inflow of northbound funds was 187 million yuan, of which the net inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect was 99 million yuan, the balance of funds on the day was 51.901 billion yuan, and the net inflow of Shenzhen Stock Connect was 88 million yuan. The balance is 51.112 billion yuan; the net inflow of southbound funds is 2.427 billion yuan, of which the net inflow of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect is 2.164 billion yuan, the balance of funds on the day is 39.836 billion yuan, the net inflow of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect is 263 million yuan, and the balance of funds on the day is 41.737 billion yuan.

  On the last trading day, in the second half of the year, the A-shares regained a strong 3,000 points. Liquor and real estate stocks led the gains, and major financial sectors such as banks and brokerages continued to exert force.

  CICC said that from the perspective of the stock market, growth recovery may continue to increase risk appetite, although interest rates fluctuate but are generally low, the inflection point of resident asset allocation, the deepening of institutionalization and internationalization of investor structure, overseas funds and other factors may be The liquidity of the stock market is still relatively abundant.

  Orient Securities believes that although the increase in valuation brought about by liquidity easing and favorable policies in the first half of the year is the main driving force of the structural market, the profit recovery of the mid-term report is expected to be gradually confirmed, supporting the A-share market. In terms of industry allocation, the short-term profit recovery elasticity is certainly an important factor to consider, but the industry's medium- and long-term growth space, whether the competitive landscape has improved, and the representative company's profit fundamental explosiveness are the more important factors.

  Regarding the real estate sector, Shen Wanhongyuan pointed out that positive factors are brewing, house price stability, land price stability, and the expected tone may change in the downward cycle, focusing on the subsequent liquidity improvement and counter-cyclical adjustment policies to promote demand for demand, and recommend the layout of the first and second lines. Housing companies in the core cities of the metropolitan area with excellent financial status. For liquor stocks, Zhongtai Securities said that consumption has continued to improve since the second quarter, and that the actual sales of liquor Q2 are better than the statements. The fundamentals are expected to improve quarter by quarter in the next year, and there is a possibility of exceeding expectations under the price drive. (China-Singapore Jingwei APP)

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