Yen exchange rate modest price movement July 1 18:17

The Tokyo foreign exchange market and the yen exchange rate on the 1st showed a modest price movement.

The yen exchange rate at 5 pm was JPY 107-56 to JPY 58, which was 16 yen weaker than the 30th of last month.

Against the euro, the yen was 9 yen higher than the 30th, and the euro was weaker at 1 euro = 120.80 yen to 84 yen.

The euro was 32 dollars per euro = 1.1231 per euro.

A market official said, "The dollar was bought in the morning in anticipation of the recovery of the American economy, but there was also a strong sense of caution regarding the spread of the new coronavirus. The movement to sell the dollar gradually spread. Many investors are paying attention to the economic indicators that show the economic sentiment of the manufacturing industry announced in."