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  Today (July 1st), Hainan Islands’ new tax-free shopping policy was officially implemented: including the increase of the shopping limit to 100,000 yuan, and the increase of tax-free varieties to 45.

  In the duty-free shops in Haikou and Sanya, the reporter saw that new duty-free products such as wine, mobile phones, and tablet computers have been put on the shelves. Has the new policy triggered a consumer boom?


The Hainan Islands Free Tax Policy will be implemented today (July 1)

  At 10 o'clock in the morning, the duty-free shops in Haikou just opened, and the newly opened duty-free electronic consumer product counter welcomed many customers.

  Mr. Chen is the first purchaser of a duty-free mobile phone in this duty-free shop. The price of this mobile phone after tax-free is 8625 yuan, which is more than 2200 yuan cheaper than the official website.

  Mr. Chen, a resident of Hainan: Very good, but it is very cheap.

  This time, the tax-exempt variety category was adjusted from 38 to 45 categories, and new consumer electronics such as mobile phones and tablets and 7 types of commodities such as alcohol were added.

  The most interesting thing is that the tax-free shopping quota per person is increased from 30,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan per year. At the same time, the number of single purchases of 3 categories of goods is limited to 30 cosmetics, 4 mobile phones and alcohol. Ml. Other duty-free products are no longer restricted by the number of single purchases.

  Tourist Ms. Wu: It's a good thing, otherwise it will always be limited by the quota, and how much it will be affected by the purchase. Now that it has been raised, for individuals, the quota is much better.

  It is worth noting that the duty-free products with unit price of more than 8,000 yuan were limited to two purchases per person per year, and the post-mail tax was also levied on the parts exceeding 8,000 yuan, which greatly affected the sales of large-scale duty-free products. This adjustment cancels the 8,000 yuan tax exemption limit for a single product, which will greatly release the purchasing power of this part of the tax-free product.

  This adjustment also made it clear that business entities qualified for the distribution of duty-free products can participate in the duty-free operation of Hainan Islands as required. This means that by encouraging moderate competition, it will bring a better tax-free shopping experience to outlying island travelers.


Customs will crack down on selling, purchasing, smuggling duty-free goods

  The reporter noticed that the New Deal also made it clear that the island duty-free goods that have been purchased must not enter the domestic market and be sold again. Penalties are imposed for reselling, purchasing, and smuggling duty-free goods in violation of the regulations.

  What behaviors are illegal? What penalties will be faced? The relevant person in charge of Haikou Customs answered.

  Chen Zhen, Deputy Director of Haikou Customs: According to the relevant provisions of this policy, if the ID card is handed over to someone else to purchase duty-free goods, or to purchase duty-free goods on behalf of another person, and then conduct secondary sales, it is a violation of the regulations. .

  The customs said that in order to prevent the risks of duty-free goods reselling, purchasing, and smuggling, the customs will improve and optimize the information-based supervision system, deploy the backbone of the force to the front line, and jointly punish illegal acts.

  Chen Zhen, Deputy Director of Haikou Customs: We can accurately analyze possible violations of laws and regulations through analysis of relevant data and trajectories.

  According to the regulations, individuals who resell, purchase or smuggle duty-free commodities will be included in the credit record according to law and regulations, and no tax-exempt commodities from outlying islands may be purchased within three years. Any act that constitutes smuggling or violates customs regulations will be dealt with by the customs in accordance with relevant regulations. Whoever commits a crime shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.