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  • The Lyon-based company LDLC Group announces that it will switch to 20 hours a week in 2021 by implementing the 4-day week.
  • However, it does not give up the planned salary increases.

LDLC Group, the online seller of high-tech equipment, will set up the four-day week in 2021, without giving up the planned salary increases. The announcement, which was well received internally, was made on Yammer, the company's social network, by the founder Laurent de la Clergerie.

"When I do my calculations, I think that in the end everyone is happy and that everyone comes out a winner", employees as a company, he said, confirming information from the regional daily newspaper Le Progrès .

The boss of the group based in Limonest (near Lyon) said that in this context the daily working time will not exceed eight hours: "Going beyond eight hours is not possible. "Like every year, there will be a salary increase and it is not because we are going to 32 hours [weekly] that there will not be next year," he said. otherwise specified.

Inspired by Microsof in Japan

To explain this initiative, Laurent de la Clergerie said that he read a year ago "an article on an experience of Microsoft in Japan which had been beneficial". Two years ago, LDLC had gone through a difficult phase which prevented it from meeting some of the conditions set by its banks. It has since deleveraged and returned to the path of growth, "with the extra boost" given by the Covid-19 epidemic which boosted sales of electronic products.

The LDLC Group share, which had fallen to 6.2 euros a year ago, has more than tripled since then to settle Tuesday evening at 22 euros. At this price, the whole of the company was valued at 139 million euros.


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