Beijing News (Reporter Tian Jiexiong) According to the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, in the 26th week of this year, that is, from June 22 to June 24, the weekly average of the total price index of white pork in 16 provinces was 16 Kilogram 46.00 yuan, up 2.4% month-on-month and up 89.4% year-on-year. The Beijing News reporter was informed that in February this year, the wholesale price of white-striped pork reached 50.04 yuan per kilogram, a record high, and then in March, pork prices fell continuously until a rebound last week. Industry wholesalers predict that this wave of price rally will not last long and will not exceed the historical highs previously created.

  According to the information center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the main reason for the increase in the domestic white-strip pork factory price last week was that due to the consumption of the Dragon Boat Holiday, some slaughtering companies began to stock up before the holiday. .

  At the same time, according to the data of the key agricultural product market information platform of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, since February this year, the wholesale price of white pork has reached a historical high of 50.04 yuan per kilogram, and the price has been going down. As of May, the average transaction price has dropped to 40.64 yuan per kilogram. Among them, in the 20th week of this year, which is the middle of May, the weekly average of 16 provinces lean meat white strips pork factory price index is 36.35 yuan per kilogram, which can be described as the lowest price in more than half a year.

  At the Yuegezhuang agricultural and sideline products wholesale market in Beijing, the merchant Hong Yeping has been engaged in pork business for nearly two decades. Hong Yeping feels unclear about the reasons for this round of pork price increases, and it is expected that this round of increase will not last too long. It will definitely fall back around the month."

  According to Hu Baogen, a merchant in the agricultural and sideline products market of the Great Ocean Road, the most important reason for removing the Dragon Boat Festival factors mentioned by the Information Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs is not the market, but the production side, that is, the lack of live pigs. Hu Baogen believes that this round of pork price increase can be regarded as the "surplus" of African swine fever for the domestic pork market last year. "The essence is still not keeping up with the quantity. The slaughter of pigs requires a certain growth cycle. The new round of pigs has not yet grown. Large, naturally there will be a periodic supply shortage."

  But Hu Baogen believes that this does not mean that pork prices will continue to soar in the future. "In fact, although pork prices have risen fast last month, the price has been stable in the past two days. The price change has not been as sharp as before. There is no possibility of a sudden rise."