Plan to lay off 15,000 people! Europe's largest aircraft manufacturer can't handle it...

  The new coronary pneumonia epidemic has hit the aviation industry of various countries, and aircraft manufacturers are not immune.

  On June 30, Airbus Group, Europe's largest aircraft manufacturer, stated that the company plans to cut about 15,000 jobs globally, accounting for more than 11% of its global workforce.

  Airbus said that the job cuts are mainly distributed in Europe, of which Germany and France have the largest number of layoffs, respectively, about 5,000 layoffs. In addition, the British layoffs are 1,700, Spain, and 1300 in other regions.

  The layoff plan includes about 900 jobs that an Airbus subsidiary in Germany had previously expected to lay off. This subsidiary had already determined a reorganization plan before the outbreak.

  Airbus Group plans to start various procedures related to layoffs this fall, and complete the layoffs by the summer of 2021.

  However, Airbus' layoffs will face pressure from unions and the French government. The French Ministry of Economy considers this number of layoffs to be "too high." Prior to helping aviation companies survive the crisis, the French government launched a rescue plan totaling 15 billion euros (about 120 billion yuan).

  In this regard, Airbus said that it currently does not rule out the implementation of mandatory layoffs, but first of all, it will take a variety of cooperative approaches, including voluntary separation, early retirement, etc., to reduce the potential impact of this large-scale layoffs.

  Airbus CEO Foley expects that the global aviation industry will not return to the level before the outbreak by 2023, saying that in addition to layoffs, Airbus will also take other measures to reduce costs. The company is facing the most serious industry history. Crisis, they must ensure that the company can get out of the crisis and continue to develop.