China News Service Client, Beijing, July 2 (Zuo Yukun) "President, the Legal Department has requested the seizure of assets, and the search has been hot for a day."

  "(She) admitted wrong?"

  "I admit it wrong. She said that we admit the wrong person and have helped the police."

  Tencent and Lao Ganma, the big melon in 2020, developed to the next day. Not only did they not receive the expected results, but instead, Oolong became a "laughing fruit".

  On the 1st, the word "Funny Goose Injustice" was born, and the screen was swiped. Laoganma and Tencent, who seem to have no connection at all, have also become "hot CPs" and are called "Ma Huateng CPs".

Screenshot from the Internet

Tencent: That year Xinghua was slightly raining, which said that they were old godmothers...

  The magnificent Internet giant Tencent, known as "Nanshan Pizza Hut", was actually deceived by three fraudsters who forged seals? !

  What happened to the "victimized goose" (because Tencent's representative image is a penguin and is called "goose" by netizens)? Netizens summed up a sentence: "They lied to me and used me in vain, without giving money, they still laughed at me..."

  This even made the party Tencent cry.

  On the evening of the 1st, the inexhaustible Tencent official Weibo post again responded to the dispute with Laoganma and used "a thousand bottles of Laoganma to seek clues to scammers".

Weibo @ Tencent's response. Screenshot

  Such a speech also made netizens laugh and say: The simple "silly white goose" person is standing.

  The initial exposure of the matter was on June 29, China Judgment Documents Network showed that the People's Court of Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province issued a civil ruling a few days ago, agreeing with Tencent's request, ruling to seal and freeze Laoganma's company name 16240600 Yuan's deposit or property.

  On June 30, Tencent responded that the matter was that the old godmother put 10 million yuan in advertising on Tencent, but ignored the contract’s long-term arrears and unpaid, Tencent was forced to sue according to law and applied to freeze the amount of the other party’s arrears. .

  When everyone thought that this was just "Why don't you give money to Laoganma" and "Tencent Nanshan Pizza Hut is a winning ticket", Laoganma directly threw out the soul that no one thought of: "What? What's the matter with me?" "

Laoganma: I haven't seen it, the police are the ones who will report it to you

  On the evening of June 30, the Laoganma public account, which has not been updated for two years, issued an announcement overnight: it has never conducted commercial cooperation with Tencent and has called the police.

  Many netizens also found the bright spot: the public account has not been updated for two years. It can be seen that the publicity is really salted fish. It is really not like spending money to find Tencent to advertise.

  On the morning of July 1, the Shuanglong Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Guiyang City issued a police report stating that it was initially found that the three suspects forged the seal of the old Ganma company, posing as the manager of the company's marketing department, and signed a cooperation agreement with Tencent.

  The report also pointed out that the purpose of these three people is to obtain the online game gift package code provided by Tencent in the promotional activities, and then to resell illegally through the Internet to obtain economic benefits. At present, three people have been detained.

  According to public reports in the media, in 2019, the "QQ Speed" mobile game and Laoganma reached a year-round event brand cooperation. The title merchant of the S-League Spring Games held in April was Laoganma, which was also played at the time. The slogan "Lao Ganma drifting hot".

  Enthusiastic netizens searched for information at the time and found that Tencent had really worked hard to help Lao Ganma play advertisements for more than half a year.

Screenshot of Tencent video.

"Silly White Goose": What am I doing? No. 1 place to eat chili sauce

  Tencent's official certified account posted a message on bilibili at noon on the 1st: The chili sauce at noon today is suddenly not fragrant...

Tencent bilibili official account dynamics. Screenshot

  But Tencent's discomfort is not over.

Image source: Tencent

  "People buy a bottle of fake chili sauce and lose 8 yuan, I lose 16 million!" On the evening of July 1st, Tencent posted a video of "I am the Hanpen Penguin who ate fake chili sauce" on bilibili. Shout: Uncle police, please help me!

  "Now you see it, some people wish me a happy meal, some people laugh out of the pig cry, and some people want me to send a WeChat red envelope to celebrate, saying that I deserve to have these sauces. But these sauces are too heavy, the QQ speed can not fit at all "I claim to be "whatever I do, do first place in chili sauce".

Open a bottle of old godmother and summon "BAT"

  There are three major giants in the Chinese Internet industry, referred to as "BAT", which are the initials of Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent.

  On the 1st, the "Funny Goose Injustice" incident successfully gathered the other two of the "BAT", and related topics successively rushed to the hot search list.

——Alipay: I hope there are no fake stamps in the world

  The first thing to smell "melon" is the Ali company. On the afternoon of July 1, Alipay's official Weibo posted news about the matter and commented: Hope there are no fake stamps in the world.

  At the same time, Alipay also attached a report on "using blockchain to solve the problem of supply chain finance "radish stamps, fake contracts"", successfully "passing the heat", and played a wave of advertising for its blockchain anti-counterfeiting.


——Baidu: The melon in my hand suddenly stopped smelling

  Afterwards, Baidu searched the official Weibo and wrote: "The melon in my hand suddenly didn't smell... There is a saying, this matter has nothing to do with me. Please do not spread rumors or believe in rumors, and eat melons rationally."

Weibo@百度search screenshot

  How did the dispute between Tencent and Lao Ganma involve Baidu? The reason is that there are rumors on the Internet that Tencent's advertising business department accidentally entered a fraudulent website on a search engine, resulting in a series of accidents. At present, Tencent has changed its caliber and issued a lawyer letter to the search business company.

  Baidu, who eats melons and eats at his own home, hastened to "deny three links": I am not, I am not, don't talk nonsense.

One "goose" is in trouble, all parties "mocking congratulations "

  "BAT" has entered the "guatian" one after another, and those who issued "geese are difficult to make money" have also come one after another.

  Apart from Alipay, Taobao, which also belongs to the Ali system, is not idle. On the afternoon of July 1st, Taobao's official Weibo post: The game package is free.

  At present, on bilibili, Tencent's message that "the chili sauce at noon is suddenly not fragrant" has been captured by various official accounts including WeChat.

  As a platform, bilibili also "make up a knife" in a timely manner: forward this news and draw 10 friends to send Laoganma chili sauce.

  In the evening, Dr. Lilac's official Weibo post also posted @Tencent: When you are not happy, you can eat chili sauce even more.

What should I do if I lost more than 10 million "silly white geese"?

  "It is recommended that Tencent actively cooperate with the police to solve the case as soon as possible, and after ascertaining the facts, pursue the relevant responsibilities from the actual responsible party." Lawyer Sun Jiguo, founding partner of Beijing Zhongnan Law Firm, told, "In view of the fact that the case has been opened for investigation, according to the sentence before the sentence According to the principle of the people, before the criminal case is resolved, the court should rule to suspend the trial."

  "On the other hand, to avoid false litigation, Tencent can temporarily withdraw property preservation and appeals, because Lao Ganma did not actually sign a service contract with him. If Tencent insists on acting alone, it is likely to lose his wife and break down." Sun Jiguo lawyer said .

  Lawyer Chang Sha of Beijing Kyoto Law Firm also believes that Tencent may withdraw the lawsuit. "In this civil case, Tencent needs to prove whether Laoganma knew that the forged seal had signed the contract with Tencent at the beginning of the contract. If it was seen after seeing the advertisement, even if Laoganma profited from it, Tencent could not pursue the old Godmother’s responsibility."

  Who should Tencent ask for more than 16 million yuan in advertising costs?

  According to the Beijing News, Zhang Lingxiao, the director of Beijing Jingshi Law Firm, believes that if the seal is indeed forged, the criminal suspect is suspected of the crime of forging the seal and contract fraud. For a contract concluded due to fraud, Tencent can request the cancellation of the contract within the statutory period, and the relevant loss can be required to be the actual contractor of the counterparty of the contract, that is, the criminal suspect in this case.

  "The chairman overcame the secrets of the next factory secretly, Li Guoqing robbed Dangdang's official seal, and Tencent was turned around by three scammers who resell the gift parcel code..." Some netizens lamented: In this magical 2020, this is the art source For life? I don’t think I’m going to let go of the drama business anymore (Finish)