In the midst of this, the tug-of-war began to decide how much the next year's minimum wage would be.

The labor industry suggested 10,000 won, up 16.4% from 8590 won this year, while management claimed 8,410 won, 2.1% less than this year.

On the basis of the results of surveying the cost of living for single-person households, the labor community said that the minimum wage should be raised in order to stabilize living and resolve polarization. .

Since the two sides' request was released, the labor industry raised the minimum wage by more than 2% even during the IMF foreign exchange crisis, and the minimum wage was also held to protect press employers, not to protect employers, and to hold strong press backs. The.

As the amount of money required by the labor and management is too large this time, and the dialogue between the labor and management has been broken as you have seen earlier, it seems difficult to find an agreement.

The Minimum Wage Committee will hold a full meeting to find a compromise on Tuesday the 7th of next week.