China News Service, June 30, according to the Ministry of Commerce website, recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce and the General Office of the Ministry of Finance jointly issued a notice saying that in order to further integrate rural e-commerce training resources, improve the effectiveness of e-commerce in rural areas, summarize and promote various regions The development of rural e-commerce, to help overcome poverty and the good practice of rural revitalization, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance decided to set up open courses on rural e-commerce.

  The main contents of the open class include policy interpretation and analysis, experience sharing and exchange, and e-commerce skills improvement. Mainly for the government agencies responsible for rural e-commerce work, rural e-commerce public service centers, logistics centers, cooperatives, rural service sites, related companies and other staff, returning home college students, veterans and other rural e-commerce entrepreneurs, and other concerns Personnel developing rural e-commerce.

  The notice mentions the establishment of a "rural e-commerce open class" platform in the Ministry of Commerce's e-commerce poverty alleviation channel, business training network, Ministry of Finance website, and other related applications.

  The notice pointed out that all localities should make good use of public course resources, improve rural e-commerce training, and regularly recommend excellent courses.