"Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Work of Studying in Classes at the Stage of Compulsory Education for Children with Disabilities" issued

  Promote students with disabilities to attend classes, big data and blockchain are "named"

  Our reporter Zhang Gailun

  Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening Work in Classes with Compulsory Education for Disabled Children and Adolescents" (hereinafter referred to as the "Guiding Opinions"), which further strengthens the work in class in the new era, improves the work mechanism in class, and improves Make arrangements for the work level of the class.

  Studying in the class, a simple understanding is to allow disabled students to enter the ordinary class. Strengthening enrollment in classes is a clear requirement of the central government, which is of great significance for achieving fair and qualitative development of special education and promoting the integration of disabled children and adolescents into social life. Resource conditions have an important professional support role in improving the quality of students with disabilities attending classes. In order to solve the problems of insufficient resources for studying in class and the incomplete support system, the "Guiding Opinions" make it clear that we should play the role of resource center and encourage the use of big data and blockchain technology to improve the accuracy of services.

  Why is the name “Big Data” and “Blockchain” specifically named in such a document?

  Ling Yingbing, Dean of Nanjing Special Education Teachers College, said on the 28th that the "Guiding Opinions" are an important guide for implementing the work of studying in classes. "Taking full play of the advantages of information technology is a key tool for comprehensively cracking a series of outstanding problems of studying in classes. The only way to fully promote the modernization of special education."

  Blockchain can provide basic data for scientific evaluation

  The "Guiding Opinions" pointed out that it is necessary to use scientific mechanisms to determine whether children and adolescents with disabilities are suitable for attending classes, and to do a thorough investigation of school-aged disabled students, establish resettlement workbooks, and reduce home-school disputes in reality. "Assessment, identification, and establishment of a work account are the basic tasks of studying on a regular basis." Ling Yingbing pointed out that the application of blockchain technology can solve the problem of diverse and inconsistent data sources for disabled children and adolescents, and provide basic data for scientific evaluation. Based on big data mining technology, it can assist the Committee of Experts on Education of Disabled Persons to develop a standardized evaluation toolbox, and improve the objectivity, reliability, and scientificity of the evaluation. Artificial intelligence technology can gradually realize the intelligence of assessment and solve the problem of small number of experts and difficulty in comprehensive assessment of children and adolescents with disabilities. The big data platform can also carry out real-time and dynamic statistical supervision on drop-out insurance, providing support for the flexible placement and timely intervention of students with disabilities.

  When the size and proportion of students with disabilities attending classes increase, it may be difficult for ordinary school teachers to meet the complex and diverse needs of students attending classes. At this time, there is also an urgent need to use information technology to change the traditional methods of special education professional services and professional consulting, to achieve the interconnection and cloud integration of special education schools, professional institutions, resource classrooms, resource teachers, resource centers, and to enlarge the radiation of resource centers. Scope, providing intelligent and precise services for students attending classes.

  Artificial intelligence makes the teaching team no longer stretched

  Ling Yingbing said that the application of next-generation information technology can also accelerate the construction and comprehensive coverage of special education network resources, innovate education and teaching methods, and achieve accurate assessment based on students' big data and intelligent push of education resources.

  In the education and teaching process, with the support of big data, blockchain and other information technologies, multi-dimensional content such as morality, academics, health, literacy, and practice can be included in the comprehensive evaluation of students, and the individual evaluation of students' abilities can be strengthened. Multi-subjects such as parents and parents can obtain scientific, traceable and authoritative evaluation information, can construct a panoramic picture of students' academic and physical and mental growth, and provide solid technical support for home-school collaborative education and the social integration of students with disabilities.

  Teachers' special education professional capabilities play a vital role in promoting regular classes and ensuring the quality of integrated education. In Ling Yingbing's view, information technology is still a long-term strategy to solve the problem of insufficient class attendance and instructors, and low professional level. Taking advantage of the advantages of online education and artificial intelligence can break the limitations of time and space, break the limitations of the number and structure of teachers, and achieve the lifelong, normalized, large-scale and professionalization of professional teacher training, providing a solid foundation for the deployment of teachers.

  Gu Dingqian, director of the Special Education Teacher Training and Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, believes that the "Guiding Opinions" put forward "encourage the use of big data and blockchain technology to improve the accuracy of services", which is also a manifestation of the modernization of governance capabilities. "In the future, we need to sum up in a timely manner, continuously upgrade the successful practice of studying in various places into a national system, and step up the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities of special education." Gu Dingqian said.